Thursday, September 12, 2013

Owl Really at 8th & Argyle

Wellllll, over the weekend I set up at 8th & Argyle! I feel like a total rookie there. Everyone's space is so well-put-together and I feel like mine is a crazy, kitschy mess. It's way more playful than most of the other spaces - even though people have REALLY cute stuff!


Stuff! Lots of stuff. I have this set of shelves and then I can use the space underneath them, as long as I stay in line with the door frame.


A blurry, closer photo. Some sewing notions, some afghans, mugs and saucers, phone, etc!


I decided to put my stationary in this space rather than mess with etsy right now. I ordered cellophane sleeves from littlepaperthings on etsy to package up my vintage maps, notecards, and more.


I picked up some things at the coolest yard sales ever on Saturday - 4 friends who live in our neighborhood coordinated having yard sales on the same day. They all have GREAT style and taste and it was fun to swing by before ceramics. I bought the kitchen cart you see above and spray painted it gold. I also picked up the painting, the phone, the wire basket the stationery is in, and a blue ashtray that is holding my business cards.

So, there it is! It needs work - I need some things to add more height variation on the shelves. We'll see how it goes...fingers crossed!

If you're in town, you can shop 8th & Argyle Thursdays through Sundays next to Pia's Antiques!

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  1. Love your stuff. So adorbs. Hope to shop one day!

  2. I think your booth looks awesome! Playful is ALWAYS good and it's not a "crazy kitschy mess" at ALL.

    And man oh man....I love that green phone. I finally figured out where the store is this week. If they're not going to put a big sign out front, they should. I'm afraid it's going to get completely missed since we all drive past there so fast. I wish you much success there!

    1. Did you recognize a few things that used to be yours? :)

      Thank you for the kind words!!

      I think they put a sign out when it's open Thurs-Sun...and luckily, a similar store used to be there, so hopefully people who shopped there will come back not knowing it's a different store and shop OUR store. :)

  3. Fun and playful is what draws people in. It looks great! I bet that phone goes quick, it's super cool.

  4. yay, it's fun and playful just like YOU!
    good luck... I hope the store is a huge success for everyone

  5. congrats on the new space. I think your booth looks super fun and funky. It is a good representation of the stuff you vend!

  6. Looks great! I'm the odd duck out in our vintage mall: my sister said it's a good thing because my booth stands out and draws attention without trying. Must be all the 70's orange I love!


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