Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Belated post: 8th & Argyle grand opening

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the grand opening of 8th & Argyle. Most of the vendors were there and it was so great to meet everyone!

I fell in love...I spied this beautiful paint-by-number in Sabrosa Vintage's space and fell head over heels. I bought it that night and could barely set her down - she's SO pretty and reminds me of Mary Poppins!


I manage to grab a couple photos of my customers! I was so surprised to run into my new friend, Nancy. Just two nights earlier, we met at a dinner we attended for this really great women's group I joined that meets once a month to discuss creativity and leadership. She was driving by and saw all the activity happening at 8th & Argyle and decided to check it out. She loves stationery and ended up buying some from my booth.


The below customer said this pillow reminded her of her grandparents. Amen, sister!! She was so happy to purchase it!


It was a fun night and I was happy that some of my items found new homes! The shop is worth stopping by if you're in town - there are SO many great items and vendors!

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