Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmastime is (almost) here!

Yikes. Haven't blogged in awhile. I closed the booth 2 weeks ago - it was surreal. I gave away most of my stock to other vendors and I kept some things to re-price for 8th & Argyle. I will close my shelves there at the end of February, so expect some more deals in January and February!

I'm leaving in 20 minutes for the airport - I am going to Sacramento for work. Closing the booth was a great choice - my role at work is changing and I will be traveling more, which is exciting - and I'll be doing events - which I love. (I mean, I day-of-coordinate weddings on the side for FUN!)

And now - a mind-dump of the past few months!

Lucy turned 2, is sweeter than ever, and is just the best little friend. Andy's role at his job is changing, too - it's so funny - our jobs have always aligned. We both got promoted around the same time right after getting married and then we both had to find new jobs around the same time and now we're both moving into new areas in our job.

We started going back to our old church - and it's been hard to not be known, or to not know anyone, but last week was great and we got to eat lunch with old friends we hadn't seen in um...a couple years. I'm sad that I'll be out of town tomorrow and won't get to go.

I made some Christmas ornaments with the help of my mom that I'm really excited to post about - but I haven't taken photos. Womp womp. Hopefully soon!

I started watching Gilmore Girls for the first time ever and devoured seasons 1 and 2. I'm taking season 3 with me on my trip and hope to get a good chunk watched on the plane and at the hotel. :)

I made a plan to get rid of 100 things from our house in December. I have a decent-sized donation pile going, but I need to kick into gear and purge some more stuff. I should write a post about it!

Really, we've just been living life and the blog has fallen in priority since I no longer have the booth to support it. I hope to have some time for creative endeavors in the new year and hope to make time to post about them.

If you have the opportunity to see A Christmas Story on stage - GO! I'm kinda over the movie, but the stage production was amazing - so funny and innovative.

In case I don't post again before Christmas, I hope you have a very merry Christmas if you celebrate. And happy new year!

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  1. Good for you guys! I hope the new year brings you both lots of fun and exciting new adventures.

  2. I MISS YOU! So this was a perfect way to catch up! I like the 100 in Dec. idea. Maybe that could be a Christmas break goal around here!

  3. Gilmore Girls is so good! My roommate in college got me hooked on it (at the time it was brand new and I had never heard of it!). Its such a great underrated show. Miss you around the internet, but glad life is lookin up!

  4. gilmore girls is SO GOOD! I got travis hooked on it when we were dating. i need to rewatch it from the beginning!


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