Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis: The Gorfeins' Apartment

We finally saw Inside Llewyn Davis and I loved it.

The movie is set in 1961 and follows a week in the life of fictional folk singer Llewyn Davis, who hops from couch to couch as he struggles to pursue his career. When he has run through his rotation of Greenwich Village friends, he turns to the Gorfeins, an Upper West Side couple that takes him under their wings.

I loved them. I was also completely smitten with their apartment and wanted to share some stills of their living room and dining room. I wish there was more footage online of their house - I took these screenshots from a trailer and a clip on IMDB.

Love, love, love. The light, the french doors, the dining room
furniture, the books, the records, the cute chair... love it all!

I wish I could move right in!

I recommend Inside Llewyn Davis, but my favorite movie I've seen in 2014 is Philomena. (I saw Saving Mr. Banks in 2013. :)

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  1. i thought their apartment was so gorgeous too!

  2. We saw this movie as a family when everyone was home for the holiday. We loved it and we loved the music! I really loved every scene laced with vintage cars, buses, clothes and furniture! Great film. Philomena is next. I am told I will cry. A lot.


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