Monday, January 27, 2014

My New Favorite Plant: Peperomia

I'm obsessed with houseplants. I love, love, love them. I have a really hard time passing them up at the store, but I've had to show some restraint lately because we have no good windows for plants except for our stairs. Have I shown you our stairs before?

Someone in the 90s finished our attic and built a staircase in front of a window. It's really strange but it makes a pretty nice perch for my plants!

When we decided not to sell our house and to stay, I committed to making our house work for us and make it more enjoyable. We've been doing some updates to our kitchen, so I decided to find a way to add plants to our kitchen window. I started reading a lot about easy houseplants and discovered one called Peperomia. I had previously ordered a plant online from Hirt's Gardens, so I decided to go on and order a Peperomia plant from them.

How cute is that??

It's going to live in an Ikea Asker planter in our kitchen window, but I haven't potted it yet - the plastic pot is just sitting inside the Asker pot right now. I'm waiting until it warms up a bit!

We've been working on a few house things that have made me so happy! I'm working on getting the kitchen all finished up and then I hope to take photos to post!

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  1. that's a cute plant. I can tell that it is a succulent, so it must not need a lot of water. :)
    the planter looks cute on the cabinet, love the curtains! :)

  2. I love getting a peek into your home! Keep em coming!!!


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