Monday, June 20, 2011

Auction Action Part 2!

Well, I survived the auction!! I took photos but I messed up and they didn't save to my phone unfortunately. Only a few survived:

A creepy mouse doll that was for sale:

My bid card:

and the apple crate I bought!

I showed up to a pretty big warehouse FULL of items for sale. I was browsing around the tables and wasn't sure how everything worked, so I asked a fellow attendee. He explained that they would auction items separately but would sometimes bundle them if no one was bidding or if they thought they could get more for a bundle. I asked if the auctioneer was easy to understand and he said yes. Another woman who I had seen at estate sales recently assured me that it was a laid back auction and she was definitely right. The auctioneer was funny and the guys were all really nice.

They started most bids at $2.50. I bid on some fawn salt and pepper shakers but was still a little nervous and didn't go for them past my $4 bid and they sold for $5. I probably should have put in a $6 bid but it was at the beginning of the auction and I was still a little gun-shy! The woman that bought them ended up buying a LOT of items... if it had been later in the auction, I probably would have tried to go head-to-head against her just out of spite. ;-)

I had my eye on an owl cookie jar and figured I would go $18 at most... I barely got a chance to bid because people went CRAZY for it and it sold for $30. I also had my eye on a really cool file cabinet that I didn't think people would be interested in. I thought I would go $25 and it sold for $100! Eesh!

I did get that apple crate on the 3rd round of bids on a lot of crates. If you're not familiar with auctions-- when there is a lot of one kind of item, the highest bidder gets to choose which and how many of the items he wants. The first highest bidder took a whiskey crate and then they started the bidding over again and a girl picked out 3 crates at $30+ a piece! They started the bidding one more time and I was the highest bidder that time and picked out the apple crate. After my win, they bundled the rest of the crates together and sold them for "one money."

I left soon after I got the crate - it was pretty hot in the warehouse and I was getting a headache! I was there for about 2 hours and they had barely made a dent in all the items!!

Saturday, I woke up and went to a few yard sales and estate sales. I found some GREAT items this week! If you'd like to see items as I place them in the booth, you can follow OWLREALLY on Instagram (the iPhone app) because I always take photos at the booth when I take new items in!

I will post tomorrow with some of the new items and estate/yardsale adventures!


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