Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Estate and Yard Sale Round Up!

I was a very busy bee this past week! I headed out to estate and yard sales and thrifted my heart out! The Tennessee Antique Mall is very close to the fairgrounds where the flea market is held monthly and since it's next weekend, I wanted to make sure my booth was well stocked!

Here are some items I added to the booth on Saturday!

A cool yellow school chair and retro orange pillow (plus you can see the auction apple crate!):

Owls!!! I went to an estate sale that had over 100 owls for sale! I only bought 5- THAT is restraint!! The little round blue guy below is a shaker!

An owl cookie jar! I may not have gotten the one at the auction, but I found this one at the owly estate sale!

Cute red & white checkered kitchen cart from a yard sale of a friend of a friend's mom!

A really cool lamp!

A cool drawer/trunk thing!

A rustic red frame:

Really cute folk art:

And that's not even everything! I was BUSY! :)

Luckily, in the first 2 weeks of my booth being open, I covered my booth fee. Martha Jean, who owns the mall with her husband, says I'm doing really well. The antique mall is definitely a place to go to hunt for treasures and there's always a mix of people... but I always see people my age/style/demographic there. No one else there is selling the type of things I sell, so I'm really hoping that I'm filling a niche there! I can't wait to see how this unfolds!


  1. jamie! i was just at the tennessee antique mall a few weeks ago getting some last minute wedding supplies and saw your booth- but i didn't realize it was YOU! i was definitely admiring all of your fun finds- i'll have to go back and pick up a few things... :) good luck and let me know how it's going!

  2. alyssa, how funny! congrats on your wedding, btw!! :)

    are you still doing heynashville? feel free to shout out the flea market and tn antique mall this weekend!! :)

    hey i looked you up on facebook to make sure you were the alyssa i was thinking of, and i noticed that our mutual friends skew toward the Christian music industry - are you in it?? msg me on facebook (jamie wilson young) or email me if you want to chat! i couldn't reply by email to your comment cause it's set up as no-reply.


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