Thursday, June 2, 2011

Booth sneak peek!

Verrrrrrrry preliminary photos from my booth at the Tennessee Antique Mall! I am slowly but surely getting it set up and hopefully after lots of hard work on Saturday I will have a full, fun, ready-for-business booth!

Can I say that I lurrrrve my new phone and taking photos with Hipstamatic?? Cause I do!!!






A few more things...

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! You can win an Owl Really item before it hits the booth! Entries are open until Sunday evening and it's super easy to enter! Remember - you must leave a comment saying you're a subscriber or follower before entering the other ways. People who don't let me know they're a subscriber first will be disqualified unfortunately! I hate to do that but the rules I laid out say that you must identify yourself as a follower in the first comment, so it's only fair.

Also, since I turned 29 on Sunday, I am working on a "30 before 30" list but can't come up with many things - and the things I DO come up with are basically just my current to-do items! Has anyone made a list of goals to be accomplished within a certain timeframe like that before? What were your favorite goals that you marked off? Help a girl out, I'm running out of days to get things done! :)


  1. so exciting! i love the Tennessee Antique Mall. Hope your booth setup goes well this weekend!


  2. Hey Jamie! I found you through your mom's blog, and I'm now a subscriber. Your booth looks like a fun place to shop!


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