Friday, June 3, 2011

Will the REAL “hipstamatic” please stand up?

Isn’t it so funny that vintage-looking photos are ALL THE RAGE these days? Everything looks so much cooler, life looks so much more interesting, through the vintage lens. I know I’m late to the hipstamatic/instagram craze on the iPhone but I’m definitely making up for lost time, haha! I’m obsessed with taking photos on my phone now!

But with the whole vintage photo craze, we’re missing a certain authenticity that only true vintage photos possess… which is why I dug through my mom’s “old photos” photo album on Facebook and picked out a few favorites to share with you today. (Hope that’s ok, Mom, haha!)

Are you addicted to taking vintage-inspired photos like I am? Do you have treasured vintage photos?


  1. awww, feeling nostalgic! THOSE were the good ole' days!

  2. Hi Jamie! Love the photos. I seem to be the sibling that hoards our old family pictures. I love to look at what everyone was wearing and the furniture/accessories surrounding them!

    I'm your newest follower; hope you'll join my blog too!



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