Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hair Art

Yesterday, Design*Sponge posted hair-focused artwork by Roxanne Daner who I had never heard of, but I loved the illustrations and found them especially interesting since I also had been drawn to hair-related art lately.

A few weeks ago, I went to an estate sale of a local artist named Juanita Crider. I bought a handful of items, including some of her artwork - 2 in particular were vintage portraits of lovely ladies with beautiful hair.

The first is unmarked - it is signed "Nita Crider '67" but there is no other information on it:

The second is labeled on the back: "Sandra's Coiffure" and it looks like at some point she was selling it for $10. There's no date, unfortunately.

I am especially drawn to the painting of Sandra. I have it resting on our dining room buffet currently while I think I will sell the other painting in my booth. There are only so many portraits of strangers I feel comfortable having around my house and I think I've reached my max with Bartholomew (I'll have to tell you about him sometime) and Sandra. :)

I like to wonder who they are and where they are now. Did Sandra always wear her hair like that or was this a special occasion? If you'd like to dream and wonder along with me, post your theories in the comments!


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