Thursday, August 11, 2011

We met...

Robert Duvall!

Andy with Robert Duvall!

We had the opportunity to go down to Atlanta on Monday to attend the world premiere of the new film Seven Days In Utopia, starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black. The website I work for gave away a trip to walk the red carpet with Third Day, a band whose song was featured prominently in the film. I went down to help coordinate and escort the winners... and to try to catch a glimpse of Bobby Duvall. :)

As soon as our winners stepped foot on the green carpet (it's a golf movie, so the "red carpet" was actually green!), we heard buzz that Duvall was on his way. We had a lot of time before the film began, so we waited around to watch for him. We saw cameras flashing like crazy and knew that he had arrived. It was so cool to watch he and Lucas Black interact with all the reporters and Andy even got a little wave from Robert.

After the film (which was good, btw!), we attended a semi-private reception where Robert Duvall was standing around talking to people! We waited patiently for a chance to say hello and we shook his hand, told him how much we love his work, then he and Andy got to talk country music (Johnny Cash, Billy Bob Thornton, and Lefty Frizzell). It was such a pleasure to meet him - he is really sweet and seems very genuine. I thought he was precious!

Now that I have met him, I'm ready to see more Robert Duvall films! What's your favorite? There are tons of great vintage ones but he even stuns us in his most recent films too! (Get Low is one of my favorite movies!)


  1. How cool! Isn't it great when a celebrity turns out to be genuinely nice? We met Ethan Hawke once. NOT nice!

  2. yes! it's so great to know that we can still feel good about respecting/admiring him so much! that's a bummer about ethan hawke!

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Robert Duvall! He is just one of those people you want to sit and hang out with on the front porch os some old house out on the range...yeah...something like that :)
    Colors and Lonesome Dove are my favorites with him.

  4. awww, what a cute picture. I'm glad ya'll got to meet bobby!
    I like his work, but I can't really remember which movies are my favs.
    your mom


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