Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recent booth additions: Mushrooms, file cabinets, and more!

I am torn between 2 styles: granny chic and industrial cool. The problem is that when I go shopping, I find such cool items in both styles that I can't help but buy them! Do you think I'm creating brand confusion by stocking both sets of items or can they live together seamlessly in my booth? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Moving on to my recent booth additions... here are some of my favorite items!

the cutest lil file cabinet ever
afghan plus cute lil kitchen chair
oversized owl salt&pepper shakers
a set of 3 mushroom canisters
smith corona manual typewritergreen wooden box
green plaid metal basket
adorable nursery wall art


  1. Ive been eyeing some industrial type pieces lately. I want to add them to my modern, mid century stuff...I think it works. I love blended styles.

  2. granny chic? hmmm
    I think it works in your booth. btw I can't wait to see it IRL
    your mom

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Gosh, I feel like I know you - just from following your mom's blog (Came from there to vote!) I just wanted to say that I am similarly challenged by divergent styles. In my own home, who cares! But in my booth, I think it is confusing to people and I'm trying to work on that. I've toyed with hanging a curtain (pulled back, but just for a sense of division)or using a free-standing screen and staging my booth like two separate ones. I've also toyed with just getting a second booth. It is possible to blend styles, but when it is done most successfully, it is generally because (imho) the seller sticks to just a handful of colors. Check out these photos that Vintage Indie posted: where you'll see chalkboards and steel living blissfully with lace and creamy wood. Stunning. One of my next door booth neighbors (who has six of them) said the danger is in looking like a yard sale or junk yard (gulp). Don't want that. I think you have a clear aesthetic, though - all those muted tones of the seventies (harvest gold, green, cream, etc)
    Glad I popped over.


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