Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Chair Hunt and TV Inspiration

I am on the hunt for a pair of cute vintage chairs for my office. I have been in the same office for about 2 years but never really took the time to decorate. I recently re-arranged the office and got rid of an old, sloppy couch and now I'm ready for a pair of cute chairs.

When we were home in Louisville in June, I spotted a pair of chairs at a "peddler's mall" but didn't pay much attention to them because I wasn't on a chair hunt at that point! I recently asked my mom if she could go look and see if they were still there, and she sent me a photo and the price. $35 a piece! I think that's a little pricey - I was hoping for more like $20 a piece. (I am cheap!)

I passed on the chairs but I'm hoping they get discounted sometime soon.

Over the weekend, I was at an estate sale and snapped some photos of other potential chairs. They were much different from what I'm looking for, but I was trying to keep an open mind.

First up - these amazing green living room chairs!

They were sooo comfy and only $40 for the pair! I thought it might be a little strange to have living room chairs for guests in my office, though... so I unfortunately passed but the same estate sale had dining room chairs that I was intrigued by as well!

But they also might look strange in an office. My heart is really set on those small, rounded, cane back green chairs. Here they are again- so cute!

Imagine my surprise when I was watching the Dick Van Dyke show on Hulu and saw a very similar chair in Rob and Laura's bedroom!

You may wonder what Rob is doing with a gun! In this episode of Dick Van Dyke, there is a cat burglar roaming their neighborhood. One night, they hear a stirring and Rob gets his trusty rifle in order to investigate the situation. Right next to their dresser is a chair so similar to the one I wanted that I was convinced it was the same one until I pulled up both photos!

I'm still looking for some vintage chairs and I'm constantly inspired by the design on the Dick Van Dyke show! AND, we just started watching Mad Men on Netflix and I'm drooling over the furniture and design on the show! (I know, I'm 5 years late, but DANG this show is amazing.)

So, I'm definitely still on a chair hunt... if you're in Nashville, let me know if you come across some chairs you think I might life for my office!


  1. I have a really similar chair in my garage right now! It doesn't have the back cushion, and the wood looks like bamboo. (it's not, though.)
    It needs to be re-caned, so I keep putting off doing anything with it.

    Maybe they'll be 1/2 off next time you go look. :)

  2. Great post jamie! I love the Dick Van Dyke references! :) too funny. I loved that show.
    I saw some wing chairs at acb, but they were 40 each. :( They were greenish (I think) Didn't send you a picture cause of the price. If they go on sale this weekend, they would be 40 for the pair ? hmmm, maybe I should have clicked a pic. :(
    your mom

  3. i love those chairs! really great lines and perfect for an office: comfy, but not "loungy." plus something you can definitely sell or will live on in a new home/office. buy! buy! buy! ;)

  4. Love the chairs, call the seller and make an offer!

  5. I just bought a similar at the local habitat for humanity store here in Pensacola. although the one I have has a tan color material. They have another one with the green color and I want to go get it but I'm waiting, It started at $50 and is now $35 I waiting til it hits the last sale price of $23 which is sometime in Oct. I hope it's still there.


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