Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Greeting Cards

I found an amazing stash of vintage greeting cards covering a variety of topics and holidays! Everything from anniversary well-wishes to Easter cards to wedding cards... they are SO cool. Even the fonts are so different and fancy and nothing like you see today!

The problem is that they don't have envelopes and they're not the standard sizes of today's greeting cards.

Do you think people will still be interested in vintage cards even if they don't have envelopes? They are SO cute, I think yes, but I'm unsure.

Also, what do you think is a fair price? I'm thinking somewhere in the $1-3 range at my booth but is that too low? Or is that fair since they don't have envelopes?

Your input is definitely appreciated!! Thanks! :)


  1. I don't have any pricing ideas for you. I just enjoyed looking at the cards.

  2. Hi,
    There are paper crafters (like me) that loooove these cards for their graphics. Your pricing is in line with online sellers, I buy several off etsy. E in TN

  3. they are so cute jamie! I would say that is a fair price, but only the smallest for $1.00.
    I wonder if E. in TN copies them, or cuts them up? You should scan some of the cutest ones! Karen @ the Graphics Fairy would love some of them I'm sure!
    GREAT find!
    your mom

  4. I use vintage cards when gifting friends and family. Because they often don't come with envelopes, I learned how to make my own. I keep a stash of weathered paper in my creative space and customize the envelopes to fit each individual card. It's extra work, but it feels pretty good to see my own handy work mixed with fun vintage treasures.


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