Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"American Pickers" Style Estate Sale!

WOW! My favorite estate sale company hosted an estate sale to end all estate sales. It was insane! There were vintage cars and RVs everywhere, scattered throughout the property, and sheds filled with parts and junk!

A vintage Mercedes left to rot... can you believe it?

I loved this green drafting table!

So many awesome cars... I just wish they weren't falling apart!

Lots of junk!

I picked up a few things from the inside of the house - I didn't find anything in the sheds outside, unfortunately! Have you ever been to an estate sale like this? I am used to mostly inside sales with items set up in the garage and basement - and I normally love finding items out in the typical "man" spaces. But this sale was sooo different which so much stuff outside and in out-buildings! It was the manliest sale I've been to. I did pick up a few things though, which I posted yesterday.

Estate sales are always an experience! What's the craziest one you've been to??

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  1. wow! I'm so glad you took pics! That was unbelievable!
    Very manly indeed!

  2. This sounds so weird, but I love the look of that old mercedes! I love old cars.

    Fun photos :) Also, I really like your blog. It has a nice, welcoming vibe (my first visit)

  3. Wow! Love this! I've never been to an estate sale like this ...yet! I love the drafting table too! were prices high or low?

  4. Wow, that was something else! I have a client who wants a cool old bumper with headlights to hang in her son's room - bet she could have found one there! I went to a super-cool estate sale on the edge of Belle Meade last summer - the owner had been an interior designer wayyyy back in the day. It was a dream - bright yellows, lime greens, hot pink everywhere. I kinda felt like I was in a Doris Day movie. You could totally imagine Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. hanging out in the sunken living room and singing a tune for her guests.

  5. that sale was so great! I didn't pick up a lot, but i had such a good time just looking around that property! the craziest estate sale i went to this year was in east nashville, and the couple had spent half of their life abroad and their house was FULL of crazy japanese stuff! i went back twice and brought home two huge boxes full! it was so awesome.


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