Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Finds: Dayna's Turquoise, Tufted Couch

Through blogging, my mom and I have gotten to know Suzanne of Meridian Road. Her blog is so inspirational - she repurposes and builds and decorates out of the most unusual items!

Suzanne mentioned to me that she had recently found a turquoise, tufted couch for her daughter Dayna. I had to know more, so I sent some questions over and Dayna answered them below!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

This lovely, turquoise, tufted couch. My mom is the Queen of Estate Sales, and texted me one morning asking me if I wanted this couch she had found. Yes. Yes, I did.

How long were you looking for the perfect sofa?

I have been looking for a sofa I actually liked since I got married - about 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the ones I liked were too much, so I had resigned myself to the fact that a turquoise, tufted sofa was out of my league. I was looking at all thrift stores in the area for one with good bones I could slipcover instead.

Did you have to do any restoration/repairs/deep cleaning?

I vacuumed all the dust/cat hair off of it, and then steam cleaned it. Other than that, it is in great condition!

A lot of people (like: husbands, for instance, haha!) are concerned that vintage couches aren't comfortable - what's the verdict on yours?

My husband loves it! He's over 6 feet tall, so he has never been able to stretch out on any couch. This one is just over 8 feet long. He also appreciates good design, and likes how "Mad Men" it is.

What is your decorating style? How does it fit in with your decor?

I like white with clean lines, with pops of color and vintage things - a little bit of glam. It fits right in with my current decor. Although, we just moved into a new apartment, and nothing of mine fits in with the gross beige floors/doors/walls that most rentals have.

Anything else we need to know about your vintage couch finding adventure?

This couch was only $100!

Amazing!! Thank you so much to Dayna for sharing her amazing couch with us!! Don't forget to email me if you have a favorite find you'd like me to feature!

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  1. i love suzanne and i think that was one awesome find!!!!! i LOVE it!

  2. Whoa! Dayna's couch is amazing! That is one great find!
    ps love Dayna's mom!

  3. I have the sister sofa!!! Mine is same color, same design except curved and end seat cushions extend to in front of the arms! You said yours is over 8 feet. Mine is 10 feet! I just bought it at a thrift store in Vallejo California of all places.... I paid $59. What a STEAL!!! I was trying to find some info about the sofa and your's and your Mom's page came up. So I just had to post! Enjoy your sofa! And if you know anything about the sofa's I would love the info. Thanks! Andrea


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