Monday, December 12, 2011

Thrift Report: "American Pickers" Style Estate Sale!

You'll see what I mean by "American Pickers Style Estate Sale" tomorrow when I post photos from the estate sale I went to on Saturday. It was crazy. So many items - most of them "manly" and rusty. There were antique cars, a ton of lawn mowers, over 300 clocks, etc. I have a feeling Mike (from "American Pickers") would have had a field day at the sale!

I picked up a few things - below I staged them on the record player display table I picked up at the flea market in October. We put it directly in the garage when we brought it home and I didn't get it out to sell until this weekend - when I sold it to "Evil Mendes" of the Nashville Rollergirls. She and her boyfriend love vintage items and every time we hang out, we always talk vintage shopping. They just picked up a record player and fell in love with the little table for their home! I will hopefully post a photo of the table in their home soon!

On to what I picked up! Four cute Christmas stocking holders, a box of handwritten recipes, a jar of really cute handles and hardware, a vintage atlas, and a leather satchel with 2 enormous and handsome thermoses!

All items, except the recipes, are available in my booth! I'm not sure what to do with the recipes yet - they would be amazing for mixed media art and collages but I'm not very artistic. Any ideas?

What did YOU find this weekend?

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  1. those stocking holders are too cute! :) loving the hardware too! CUTE thermoses.
    I hope everything sells really quickly!

  2. love the little stocking holders :)

  3. Ohhh just found your blog and I'm loving it!

  4. Oh, beautiful finds! Especially the Atlas and thermos! But I love it all ;)

  5. It sounds like a very manly sale!

    But you managed to pick some pretties :0)

    Thanks for linking up x

  6. I'm sure my parents had that check thermos! Those stocking holders are super kitsch, bet they'll be snapped up quickly.

  7. I totally love that green and red thermos! that green is a perfect green, always! love the hardware too.

  8. love the stocking holders Great finds

  9. Glad you picked up those recipes! Hang on to them! I was considering keeping all the ones I've found at different sales/stores and eventually scanning them and creating a book. Collaboration? :D


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