Thursday, December 15, 2011

Booth Updates: Mid-December Edition!

Last weekend, I spent some time re-arranging a little and adding some new items to my booth! Here's what Owl Really at the Tennessee Antique Mall looks likes like these days!

I finally added 3 dresses to my booth, although I was frustrated to find them in another booth over the weekend. I wish people would put things back where they find them and not drop them off in any random booth! It is so disappointing to get your hopes up thinking that something has sold, only to discover that it was just misplaced.

I'm still going strong on that "lot" of owls. I kinda wish they would move more quickly - I'm a little tired of them taking up so much room!

I'm running a Christmas sale of 15% off. It's hard to do anything more than that since the mall takes 10% commission. I would have to raise my prices to offer a large discount and I like to keep them on the low-end. I want everyone to be able to afford vintage!

As you can see, I finally brought in my vintage planters with succulents! They are on the dining table for now!

Cute, Christmas-y items!

I set up Christmas items on a small table that sold the same day I brought it in, so I had to improvise and then set up my Christmas items on a Cosco kitchen stool! The steps make nice shelves!

You can see some of the Christmas bunting I quickly made before Thanksgiving. I used felt and sewed them together with white thread. I can barely sew a straight line, so some of the bunting is a little wonky but that just gives it character, right? :) In this last shot, you can also see the gorgeous vintage ceramic white Christmas tree with blue lights I mentioned earlier this month! (The other white tree, with red lights, is actually made of yarn!)

Well, that's Owl Really! I hope I do better this month than I did last month but this city tends to shut down mid-December when the music industry closes for Christmas and the students go home. Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. Your booth is looking great and arranged very nicely. I have a booth in Mo and things have been slow it seems. I think the economy just is slow. I have decided my is just a hobby for now as I don't even make rent most months but I do enjoy my booth. Hope your sales go well this month. Good Luck. Stella

  2. thanks, stella! i agree, this is definitely a hobby for me too. i like to make just enough so that i can keep doing it... definitely not expecting to get rich.. i just don't want to lose money! :)

  3. My booth is a hobby too! :) I am not sure how people make a living from this. hehehe
    your booth looks great! You have a lot of inventory, so that is good. I think people are buying gifts right now, therefore the probably stick to retail so that it can be returned. After the holidays, hopefully vintage lovers that received CASH for Christmas will be out shopping till they drop! fingers crossed for sure.

  4. your booth looks great! I can't believe that white tree is made of cool is that!


  5. Lovely sales booth! If I were in the Tennessee area, I'd be snapping up that owl lot in a hot minute.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  6. it's looking great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya! :)

  7. I have a booth too!!! So fun and addictive. It's my happy place.

  8. Oh wow, I was just in your booth recently! I was complaining to the Mister about how that mall *used to* have a lot more fun and happy stuff and then kapow! found your booth. Love it. It's the star of the show in there.


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