Monday, January 2, 2012

Thrift Report: New Year's Edition!

The music industry pretty much shuts down the week between Christmas and New Year's, so I had a really great week running errands and getting projects done! I'm not sure I've ever spent this big of a chunk of time off work and at home in Nashville - it was nice to be able to get so much done.

On Wednesday, I met up with my neighbor Melissa, who runs my favorite estate sale company, Family Tree Estate Sales. We grabbed lunch then hit a few thrift stores and I found a few cute things for my booth!

You might recognize the horse - I bought one a few months ago from this particular thrift store and silly me, I didn't realize they were actually book ends. I picked up its match this week so I can sell them as a pair of book ends in my booth.

I like adding dresses to my booth - we'll see how they sell. I have sold one out of 3 so far.

I'm working on stocking up on nice, springy items to add in this March as well as clearance Christmas for next year. I found a 24" silver Christmas tree for $7 at Joann's, so I will put it in my booth next year and hang ornaments for sale. I'm really excited about that!

I'm very thankful that my booth is doing better this month than the past few months. I spent quite a bit of time reorganizing it on Tuesday and that made a big difference - a few things I had deliberately rearranged sold right away!

PLUS - this is cool - I found out someone rented 4 of my travel bags. I'm excited that they might show up in a photo shoot or music video someday soon! I made about $25 from the rental and they're back in my booth, so I still get to sell them! I didn't even realize the mall did rentals! Here's to good things for Owl Really in 2012!

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  1. I have really good luck with selling clothes on ebay. I would like to have a booth like yours at a nearby crafts and antique mall near us but haven't taken the plunge yet. Love your blog

  2. I rearranged my booth this week also and sold two things immediately just because I staged them differently! Thrilling and funny!

  3. the rental thing is awesome! I didn't realize you could do that!

  4. I wish I had the gung-ho to do ebay! I did etsy for a little while but got so tired of packaging items and going to the post office... I admire people who make a living that way! It made me crazy. :) I love being able to go to the booth and stage and arrange - my true love is decorating with vintage items, so it helps me get that out of my system on a regular basis. :)

    Dana, don't you love the thrill of visiting your booth and seeing a hole and knowing something sold?? :) And it's even more fun when you feel like you made it happen by rearranging!! I love it!

    Rae - I know, right?? It makes me nervous - what if they damage it or don't come back with it? But I'm happy about the profit I made. I just wish these dang bags would sell, everyone LOVES them but no one is buying them and IMO, they're priced SO reasonably - I paid way more on etsy a few years ago before I started all this business.

  5. great post! yay that the horse now has a mate! :) That orange watering can is sooo cute! :)
    Happy your booth is doing well. I rearrange, but because my booth is so small, I can't do much.
    I hope that you found out who rented FOUR of your bags! that would be exciting!

  6. we had a horse like that a while back and sold it....*sad face*...I totally wish I would have kept it! i LOVE that your place does rentals! I wonder if ours antique mall does??!!

  7. Great finds! What a nice pallette of colours.

  8. Fun items! I think I may have asked you this before, but I can't find the post (tried to Google it) - how much do you pay for your booth & do they take a percentage? Trying to find out what is reasonable. I have heard everything from $45 to $300.

    Happy new year!

  9. that brown travel bag in the picture -- second from the right -- does it have any writing on it? reminds me of a bag I had as an exchange student in the 70s.

  10. hi julia (i couldn't reply by email because your blogger profile isn't set up for me to be able to do that) - that bag is actually more of a burnt orange in real life and it is plain - no writing. it actually sold last week, coincidentally!


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