Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrifty Finds - Monday, November 7

I have had some great luck thrifting around Nashville lately!

First up: this beautiful navy blue dress I just got at Goodwill. It is the same style as the pink and yellow dresses I found recently at another thrift store! (The pink dress I am keeping, I wore it as my Halloween costume, and the yellow one I will be selling - more on that soon!)

I saw this dress on the rack at Goodwill and couldn't believe it was the exact same style and was my size! So excited! I love finding "granny" dresses and updating them - most times it only takes tights, a belt, and cute boots!

There's a new-ish thrift store that I have decided to visit every Friday. Last Friday, I found a few awesome things!

I am a total sucker for 70s/80s era ceramics. I love them. I wish that ceramics were still popular! Paint your own pottery is ok, but it doesn't hold a candle to the variety that vintage ceramics classes offered! Check out the horse head below! He's definitely going in my booth - I am considering spray painting him white. What do you think? Leave him as-is or give him a fresh coat of paint? (Keep in mind, the weather is not conducive to spray painting lately!)

I also found a small globe - TOO cute. I haven't done my research to find out how old it is yet, but I am loving its petite size. It might actually get a coat of chalkboard paint - I successfully sold a chalk globe a few months ago!

And then... and then!!! I found a Nashville puzzle. From 1978! It is a really fun illustration of the city and its landmarks. I bought it not knowing if all the pieces were there but hoping that they were. I brought it home on Friday after work and showed it to Andy and before I knew it, he was opening it and laying the pieces out on the table! We got right away to work (we are officially old and married! doing a puzzle on a friday night!) and by some miracle, all the pieces were there!! We were SO delighted. Andy is from here and is very proud of Nashville and since I've lived here for 7 years, the city is very dear to me as well. If it were a photo puzzle of the current skyline, we wouldn't have been excited about it.. but this illustration is SO cool and it features the amusement park Opryland USA (rest in peace, dear opryland!), Andy's beloved summer pastime that was torn down to build an outlet mall. sigh.

Anyway, we love it and went to Michael's first thing Saturday morning to get a frame for it. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it! I have so many things to hang and I'm so indecisive on where to hang them. Thank goodness for 3m command strips!

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  1. Cool finds! How fun that your found that same dress in three different colors~I never have that kind of luck.

  2. That globe is so dinky!

    Love the blue 'granny' dress too ;-)

  3. How amazing that you found the same dress in three colours ! Especially if it is one you adore and wear all the time. Result !

    Love your finds. Found you via #magpieMonday

  4. Hi, nice to meet you - thanks for joining in with my MagpieMonday.

    You and hubby look like a lot of fun - even if you do spend your Friday nights doing jigsaw puzzles!!

    Love that horses head, think I'd have to leave it on my old man's pillow though! x

  5. Loving the globe, have a thing about them you see

  6. I like the dress, I'd paint the horses's head, and the globe--you know I love it!
    That puzzle is amazingly cool! I'm so glad all the pieces were there. Working a puzzle on a friday night is not so bad, at least when you are working that puzzle with the man of your dreams!

  7. Love, love, love that globe. also enjoy puzzles so that is so cool to find one of Nashville from the 70s. Great finds.
    Karen G

  8. thanks everyone for your sweet comments!!

  9. Great finds indeed! I am totally loving your globe! Thanks so much for linking up at Cap Creations.

  10. Wow! I found this site while searching to see if the very same Nashville puzzle was worth anything. I'm cleaning out my mom's house in Nashville, which was HER mom's house built in the mid-50s and ran across it. In addition, my grandmother made ceramics for years. She even had her own kiln. AND...get this, I'm sitting in my home office looking at the very same set of horse-head book-ends she made for me years ago, painted Palomino colors. Kicking myself now that I've already thrown a similar old globe in the dumpster...along with some other potential collectibles that I assessed as junk...8 track tape players and tapes, etc. Was about to toss a big cabinet style stereo/turntable in there too, but a local repair shop said there's a market for those. Hoo boy, I've barely scratched the surface in sorting through things, but now I know that even the many ceramics might be of interest to folks. I'd better consult someone who knows the value of things better than me. -- Glad I stumbled across these posts!


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