Monday, March 12, 2012

Thrift Report: Don't Be Crewel

Are you a vintage fan who appreciates crewel work or do you pass it by when you see it? I admit, I have a love affair with crewel. Some styles I will pass up - like the log cabin scenes... not a fan. But I love flowery crewel - especially the brightly colored pieces.

This week, I hit the jackpot on crewel pieces. The first piece is medium size but the other 2 are huge - really, really big! (They are not to scale in the collage below, woops.) It's rare to find a piece that is framed that is still clean and doesn't need washing! (If yours does need cleaning, though - you can easily clean it to restore it!)

Here are the 3 pieces I found last week:

These will look perfect in a vintage-lover's home! I'm excited to add them to my booth.

Keeping in line with my granny-chic vibe, I also picked up this awesome rainbow zigzag afghan at an estate sale:

Speaking of Lucy, here is a new photo of our little girl. She's 4 months now!

Isn't she the cutest??? :)

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  1. I never find crewel pieces. Ever.
    Love the afghan.

  2. I gotta tell you -- I'm not all about the crewel. I see it and like it, but then never buy it -- I can never get my head around how it will fit in my space....but that BLANKET on the other hand - I lurrrrrrrve!

  3. I'm liking the crewel and the afghan! but that lucy, she's the best in the bunch! :)

  4. Love the paintings, very granny chic indeed! Lucy is beyond adorable! I bet she'd get along with my hound pup, Satchmo (about 9 months old). Dogs are the best! :)

  5. she is so cute! and that is some beautiful crewel! i can't pass up the florals either. and i love that afghan!

  6. I love crewel work especially brightly colored ones. The daisy one you got is so awesome. I also love the blanket. Nice finds.

  7. Love the colors on your blanket- so bright!

  8. granny chic! <---awesome. LOVE that chevron zig zag blanket! THOSE are my grandma to a t.

  9. You cracked me up with the don't be crewel haha! Lucy is getting so big ad so darn cute

  10. I think those pieces will sell fast! The afghan, too.
    Lucy is such a doll!

  11. love both so much!!! perfect finds, jamie! :)


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