Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Favorite Finds: Heath and Lori's Inherited Dressers

Remember when I featured Stacie's belt and jacket and said how she is one of my favorite publicists I work with for my regular job? Stacie is one half of Merge PR, and Lori is the other half! Lori is amazing - so great at her job and so fun to work with. I am so happy that I have made such great friends in my industry!

Lori shares her favorite finds below - 2 dressers inherited from her husband's grandmother!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is two matching dressers in our bedroom. My husband and I were visiting his family in West Virginia when we found these gems. They were originally my husband's grandmother's pieces. She passed away a few years ago and I never had the honor of meeting her - so I love that we have something from her home in ours.

Did you know right away they were coming home with you?

I had hoped so! We saw them in her home - which is now storage of all of her things - so in the bedroom we spotted the pieces and asked if we could possibly have the dressers when we had a home of our own someday.

At the time we saw the pieces, we were in a small townhouse that didn't have room for them so we just waited until we moved into our home to have them brought to Tennessee.

Did you have to do any restoration to them?

My husband had to really work on the pieces before we could use them. He spent time stripping each one and re-stained and finished them. We wanted to restore them to their beauty not just paint over the wood. They turned out beautifully!

Where do they "live" now in your house?

Both pieces are in our bedroom - I obviously was attracted to the one with the mirror for my things. It just looks so feminine and lovely! I also love how older pieces have so much storage.

Any other details?

Another fun "find" with these dressers - they were missing one handle! Just one! So for the last year we've been looking online and in catalogs to see about buying similar handles for both dressers since we didn't think we could find just one that would match the finish. About three weeks ago we were at the Nashville Flea Market and stumbled upon handles that matched perfectly and for only $3 a piece.

Why do you like secondhand items?

I love the idea that the item has history and a story. I also feel like most secondhand items are higher quality than modern day items - I love solid wood furniture and that is hard to find at affordable prices if it is new. Also I'm so lucky because my husband loves to restore secondhand items so I have that luxury to get to buy things and he'll make them new for us.

Lori, thank you so much for sharing these special dressers with us!!

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  1. Those are beautiful! Love them!

  2. Super pretty! And the fact that they have family history makes them even better.


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