Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easy Quilted Patchwork Bibs

I saw this pin from a blogger named Jaime Young (what a coincidence, right?) of Sew She Sews for quilted bibs. I fell in love with them and with my sister-in-law due to give birth in July, I was so excited to make some bibs to give to her at her baby shower!

I used a coupon at Joann Fabrics and picked out several flannel and cotton fabrics that I thought coordinated well. I picked out woodland creatures, monkeys, two different kinds of stripes, cute number fabric, and brown circle fabric. I had so much fun piecing them together and coming up with different combinations and Jaime's instructions are so easy to follow! I had never sewn anything like this before and it went so well (I normally mess up a LOT while sewing). I highly recommend her tutorial and pattern!!

Here are the bibs I made!

easy to sew bibs

Here's Staci at her shower, opening the bibs!


I think this is a great project for a beginning sewer who has completed some projects (like pillows and the easy dress) and is ready to try something new!

I had so much fun quilting these bibs that I even became tempted to try an actual quilt!! Something simple and modern like this one or even this "sew as you go" quilt. Those are my kinds of projects!!

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  1. oh my gosh, my baby girl can sew! (and unlike her mother she "likes" to sew)
    those bibs are too cute! you did a great job. Stacy looks beautiful! pregnancy agrees with her. :) So happy for them.

  2. they look great! i keep saying i want to try making an easy quilt. the layout it what is hard for me! i have so many things i want to use!

  3. Wow ! I only made one & I thought I was doing well ! Just spotted your post on sew she sews blog and couldnt resist having a look at your handiwork !

    Pop by & have a look at mine someday & Im pretty new to Blogging but a follower of yours now!


  4. Jamie, those are so great! Nice job! I see a new product line coming at the antique mall?!

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone! The only thing with my sewing is that I'm so not a perfectionist, so up close, they definitely have "character." Not sure anyone would want to pay for them with their wonkiness but they are definitely made with love for little Ollie! :)


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