Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scenes from our Living Room

scenes from our living room

Here's a little bit of our living room! On the left is the new bookshelf I mentioned awhile ago. I found it in Louisville over Christmas for only $10 (!!!) and bought it from the son of the man who built it. We didn't have room in my car to bring it back with us, so my mom brought it down in February when she went to Blissdom.... but she didn't have the legs... and neither did I. We spent a few months looking at our houses for the legs and could never find them. The shelves sat in our dining room, taking up room, until we could find the legs.

One day, my mom called, saying "Hallelujah!" She found the legs! They were in a random rubbermaid tub in her spare room. I was sooo happy! She mailed them to me, which was so sweet, and I put them on immediately! We had some other shelves in this space that I did NOT love so I moved these in right away and got to styling them. They fit much better with our decor!

Edited to add: On the top left of the shelf is our wedding invitation framed, sitting atop my Design*Sponge book along with a mini globe I got from my craft/home decor swap along with really cute handmade ornaments our friend Emily gave me a few years ago - a gnome and an owl! She knows me so well. On the right side of the top shelf is one of my terrariums plus a brassy owl (I can't remember where the brassy owl is from!) and my favorite estate sale lamp!

Below that, we have my grandfather's Bible, a sweet trinket box imprinted with the word "Believe" that my friend Kelee gave me and on top of that, a yellow gnome bowl I bought in Boston several years ago. It says "Leon a l'accordion." (I wish I knew how to do accent marks!) It has a little image of a gnome playing the accordion. It reminded me of Amelie and was so whimsical, I had to have it as my souvenir from that trip! I keep our souvenir pressed pennies in it now. :) Next to that is a photo of my mom when she was a kid, one of our engagement photos, and a Mary Poppins book with my mammaw's Brownie camera.

Below that, we have a record that Andy painted our wedding date on, a bird illustration I found in a vintage book I once bought, a photo of me & Andy when we went home to Louisville for Thanksgiving for the first time, a Lego heart Andy designed for me for our first Valentine's Day, my mom's senior photo, and some special books including photo albums.

In the right photo is a little tv stand (or plant stand?) that I got at an estate sale when I went on my marathon spree awhile ago. The family running the sale said it was a tv stand but it seems more like a plant stand to me, so that's how I'm using it! I love it. It sits in front of the stairs but we rarely use those stairs - upstairs is the guestroom and my craft/storage space. I love having some green in that corner!

Edited to add: The frame holds a vintage Nashville puzzle I found at one of my favorite thrift stores. I had no idea if it had all the pieces when I bought it, but I was so excited to find out! I brought it home and Andy opened it right away to start putting it together. We spent all evening with the puzzle and were thrilled to discover that it DID have all the pieces! Since Andy grew up here, it was fun to hear him talk about how the city has changed based on the locations illustrated on the map.

The basket on the bottom shelf is a Liberty of London tote from Target. It holds magazines that I'm saving or have yet to read. The plants are a variety - the lime planter used to live on our dining room table but it's been over in this corner getting sunshine for awhile now. The bird clock was a gift from my friend Dawn years ago!

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  1. I love both little vignettes. :) so sweet that you have my hs senior picture still in your living room. I'm such a sap! Happy that mammaw's brownie has found a new home.

    Hey, have you heard the news? WE are going to california!!!

  2. Such cute staging! Yay for peeks into your house!

  3. Very cute. I love vintage furniture with legs! That Nashville print is adorable.

  4. those are both great! i want a little stand to put our record player on. i've got my eyes peeled.

  5. Thanks everyone! I added some more details about the items on the shelves. The Nashville print is actually a puzzle! :)

  6. A puzzle, how cool! That makes it even better! :)

  7. Very pretty! Great staging of all of your treasures and special memories!


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