Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The hutch!

I subscribe to my favorite Craigslist searches and last week, saw a "retro hutch" come through my Google Reader. I emailed, didn't hear back, emailed again, and finally heard back. My friend Jacqueline went with me to look at it (an hour away!) and while it wasn't PERFECT, it will work perfectly in my booth!

I spent 3 hours at the mall Saturday rearranging and making room for the hutch, then reorganizing parts of my booth. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. I think the hutch makes the booth look a bit more professional. I would like to get more actual furniture but it's hard to find something affordable that matches the style. The only thing I don't like about the hutch are the knobs. If it were coming to our house, I would definitely switch them out but they're fine for the booth!

You can barely see the hutch's mid century tapered legs, but they're there! 





Hopefully rearranging will produce some nice sales this summer!

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  1. Looks great! Love how you stage your booth!

  2. it looks great! we're going to go by today to talk to them about a booth, so we'll definitely stop by yours! that little fox dress is killing me.

  3. Cool hutch! It does look great in your booth.

  4. Love it! Even the knobs! I want to open my own booth but up here in WA I'm not sure if I'd make any money doing it! Your's is inspiring though!

  5. Just found your blog and think your re absolutely adorable. I need a friend like you who can find vintage things for me and help me decorate my house... I have no sense of things like that! Also love that you're from Nashville one of my favorite cities to visit. I heard on the radio that Nashville is one of the manliest cities in the country. Cngrats!

    New follower :)

  6. Love how the hutch fits right in your booth. Your booth is fun and exciting!

  7. Love the hutch! what a great way to store a piece of furniture. :)
    The booth looks fabulous jamie!

  8. Your booth looks great, I would loooove to dig around in there!


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