Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thrift Report: Atomic Sputnik Light

Happy 4th of July! In honor of the holiday, I bring you a light that reminds me of fireworks! :)


When I got to pick at the private estate, I found this amazing light fixture. Brodie had actually texted a photo of it to me weeks before and I excitedly wrote back that I wanted it. He wasn't sure if the family would part with it or not, so when I showed up to shop, I tried not to get my hopes up.

Our contact there called her sister and nieces to make sure they didn't want it. They all said no, but I was still trying to be really cautious. I tend to get my hopes up and then get disappointed, so I was trying very hard to play it cool over this light fixture.

Finally, toward the end of our shopping spree, she asked me if I wanted it. Still not believing I actually got to buy it, I said that I thought so. It finally hit me that I really did get to bring it home and I was so excited to pay for it and cart it off to my car.


Aren't those light bulbs crazy???

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it. I want to hold onto it because it's amazing but I know that it's in high demand on ebay. I wish I could replace my craft room light fixture with this, but it's a finished attic and the ceilings are way too low. I am toying with the idea of putting it in our dining room, but we would need to update some of the decor. I just found out (3+ years later) that Andy thinks one of the walls I decorated years ago looks like an old lady's house! And not in a cute vintage way! Ha! I knew I didn't love it anymore but he never said he didn't like it! :) My style used to be more "pottery barn" than playful vintage and I've been working on updating the house to reflect that. Guess I have more work to do! :)

Oh and if I kept it, I would just put cool round bulbs in it... The spikey lights are not for me!

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  1. If your style has already changed in 3 years, SELL THE LIGHT - especially if it is one that will bring thousands. Construct a chandelier for your dining room with fittings from the hardware store as seen on various HGTV shows so you'll still have the look you want now.

    I don't know how to select a profile to leave a comment if I don't have a blog. :(

  2. fun light! what does andy have against "old ladies"? :)

  3. Ohhhhh! I'd keep it! Yes to updating with it!!!!!!

  4. Aaah! SO COOL! What a find, lady!

  5. Sputnik dream. We have a repro in our dining room with the star shaped bulbs and love it. If you ever put that sweetness on eBay let me know, we'd love a crack at it.

  6. An amazing find! I saw one at an estate sale here in Portland last month. They wanted $400 for it, I couldn't pull the trigger

  7. Yeah, what is wrong with "old ladies" lol You could always hang it from a bird cage holder {have you seen those?} and make it into a floor lamp. I like the bulbs, I think they are super cool. Makes the light in my opinion. What a crazy good find!

  8. thanks everyone for your comments! by old ladies, i'm pretty sure he meant OLD OLD ladies with no taste - and i don't know any of those! :)

    i definitely think we'll keep it. andy says he doesn't care if it goes in the dining room (maybe it's growing on him??). :)

  9. That really is a great find! Love the atomic starburst look :)

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