Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY: Simple Decorated Trays

Looking for a really simple project?? Here's one!!

I picked up a few trays at Goodwill awhile ago, not sure what I was going to do with them. They ended up being really handy to hold some of my plants on my stairs! I knew that I wanted to update them, though, so I broke out the craft paint.

The smaller tray had an image that still showed through after several coats of paint (I could have used primer, I suppose!) so I decided to use some new duct tape I recently bought to cover the bottom of the tray. (This tray holds tiny plastic pots with holes in the bottom for drainage, so I think it will be easier to wipe down now that there's duct tape on the bottom!).


And now they hold some of my succulent pots!


Don't pass by an old tray next time you see it at the thrift store - it could be really handy and cute once it's painted!

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  1. great quick and easy makeovers! I have several in my stash that I've picked up cause they were free or cheap. I haven't done anything with them yet...this might be the nudge I needed!
    Love the polka dotted duct tape!

  2. super cute. theres so much cute wrapping paper out there

  3. They look so pretty I just the turquoise and red...gave me a great idea...thank you for sharing...with love Janice

  4. Adorable. Your plants look so pretty.


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