Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Vendors at the Tennessee Antique Mall

There are some exciting updates at the Tennessee Antique Mall! Some new vendors have moved in and I know them!

First up, Rae has opened a case at the mall. I'm so excited that she's starting this new venture and that she's in the same mall as me!

This is the top shelf of her case which happens to have my two favorite items in her booth - the paint by number painting and the framed piece of embroidery.


She has so many fun things - check out the rest of her case:


Don't you see like 10 things that you would want?? I do!!

Secondly, a guy named Gerald emailed me in May to ask about my experience at the mall and I told him it was great. We emailed a bit, I visited (and loved!) his booth in Bowling Green and now he has moved into the TN Antique Mall and I'm happy to have another dealer similar to my style in the mall.


I love this vignette! I am really drawn to school-related items so the globe, pencils, and school desk are really speaking to me.


Really great items including a fun in/out organizer, a hat/wig carrier, faux bois canisters, a midcentury slat bench (!), and an amazing teal patio light!


Check out those great yellow chairs! And the luggage hanging out under the bench! And I really like the portraits hanging above the leather chair!

Welcome Rae and Gerald!! Can't wait to see all the goodies you guys bring in in the future!

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  1. Cool stuff in both booths. Pretty sure I have that projector that Rae has. :)

  2. thanks for the mention! i've sold one thing so far! haha.
    i LOVE his booth! I've been thinking about going back for those chalk portraits, though I don't know where i would put them. i can't wait to see what else he brings in!

  3. That's so cool Rae opened a booth there! I really need to check out this Antique Mall ASAP.

    What Lola Wants


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