Friday, October 12, 2012

Thrift Report: October Finally!

FINALLY! Here are my recent finds from Bowling Green and also our Smoky Mountain trip!

new items october

In Bowling Green, I got most of the above things! A cuuuuuuute doe figurine and a cute little horse guy. And the most amazing punch bowl ever with 12 cute cups - for only $12! Buy of the century!! The box of buttons came from a friend of a former coworker who has been selling off the entire contents of his neighbor's house. They are beautiful - especially the teal ones!


I also picked up this clock that matches the one I got in Brown County. I love it so much, I will probably keep one of them!

light fixture

Sometimes we stop at an outlet mall on the way to the mountains -- and we are always the youngest people there! It's pretty run down but this time, there was a thrift store! I was pleased to see that! I bought this light fixture for only $5 and if you look in the top right photo, you can see that a guy named Ralph tested it in late September and it works! When I checked out, I asked, "Can we trust Ralph??" and the cashier said yes. I love that they labeled that it had been tested - I had never seen that before in a thrift store!

I'm going to hold onto it for our next house. I'm beginning to hoard light fixtures for the future.

quilt pieces

Here's a story... we were driving to our cabin and I saw a two story white building on the side of the road, not near anything else, with a sign that said "Yard Sale." I became pretty obsessed with what I started to call "the yard sale store" and we stopped by there one morning. It turns out that a newlywed couple is opening a motorcycle shop there but first needed to clear out 5 storage units between them. Their cleaning out resulted in having a temporary yard sale at their shop.

They had a ton of quilt tops and I mentioned that it was my goal to make a quilt within the next year. He alerted me that they had a huge bag of quilt pieces for sale - and I was giddy!! The thing that turns me off from starting a quilt is the cutting... and now I have a giant bag of pre-cut pieces!! I'm so thrilled!!

Some of the pieces are really strange shapes though -- any expert quilters out there that might be able to help me figure them out??

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  1. Sounds like they were fun trips! Love the goods, especially that wall clock. Hope the new job is going well! :)

  2. fun stuff! I was wishing I had some buttons for my paper ornaments. :)
    love the clock, and the punch bowl was a great score!

  3. I love that punch bowl and clock!

  4. That punch bowl IS SO CUTE AND OMG $12. I remember you describing it to me the other day and it's everything you said it would be! Good job! Luck to you with the neat is it when you happen upon a sale that has EXACTLY what you're looking for?


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