Monday, November 19, 2012

Lucy's First Birthday

We were so excited to celebrate Lucy's first birthday this weekend! We bought her a new collar and leash, a huge new Nylabone, a new rope, and some dental treats. We had fun giving her her presents, baking pupcakes, and taking her to the dog park!

(sneak peek of the new mid-century love seat!!!!)

lucy birthday 2


She really liked her pupcake! We took some leftovers to Andy's mom's dog and to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's dog. They were super easy to make and while they didn't taste that great to me, I think the dogs really liked them. :) I used this recipe if you want to make them for your own pup!

I love taking Lucy to the dogpark because she has so much fun! She runs around and greets ALL the people and then finally finds some dogs to play with. I think she might like the people more than the dogs! :)

She found a friend to play tug-of-war with, which was so cute.


She found a frisbee, which is one of her favorite kinds of toys:



She had so much fun and got so tired. She cuddled with me all Saturday night while I watched Pride & Prejudice (the good one!) with a friend. I love when she's so tired and sweet and not hyper! We're still waiting for the English Bulldog in her to overtake the Boston Terrier in her so she'll be lazy and sweet and cuddly ALL the time. :) 

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  1. Happy Birthday Lucy! Aww....She's sooooooo cute! I love the shot of her with the other pup at the dog park. Can't wait to see the new loveseat!

  2. Even though I am a devoted cat person, your dog is soooo charming. Fun post.

  3. happy birthday lucy! she is so so cute!

  4. Happy Birthday Lucy! LOVE that picture playing tug of war--do you think she and Louie would do that? HA! yeah, right!
    sweet pictures!

  5. I LOVE the tug-of-war pic!!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!

  6. You pup looks so sweet. I really miss having a dog around. Lost mine a couple of years ago. I befriended the neighbor's pit bull when they brought him home last summer. He hangs out with me while I work outside. lol Not the same as having your own dog though.

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet pup! I have to let you know that my Blossom is Olde English Bulldog (English Bulldog and Bull Mastiff), and she turned four this year and she's just starting to calm down....the English Bulldog does start to take over, but only slowly!


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