Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our new nightstands

I'll be honest - I totally staged this nightstand in order to show it off. This is Andy's side of the bed and he normally has a huge alarm clock and some framed photos and deodorant on his night stand. I wanted the photos to be slightly prettier than that, so I scavenged around the house in order to stage the bedside table. :)



I got the white lamp and its match at the Goodwill Outlet years ago on one of my first trips there! The teal tray is from Target (right now in the holiday section), and the wooden box on the shelf is a box that Andy's grandfather made that now holds some keepsakes.

I love our smaller, more streamlined nightstands!

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  1. I love that lamp!!!!!!!! You staged it beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. everything looks fabulous! wondering what you keep on your nightstand....

  3. Looks beautiful! I love the use of the tray on top. And praises to you for admitting to staging! We need more of that in the blogging world. : )

  4. The lamp is perfection and gives me hope because the goodwill outlet has yet to yield me anything amazing!

  5. Wow Jamie, such a great look! Love the size and style of them. Don't we wish our nightstands always looked that pulled together? You did a great job styling them. They are perfect!

  6. LOVE the nightstands -- and the curtains, too! Nice styling...I may have to check out that tray at Target. :)


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