Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Merry in Berry Hill Wrap-Up


Making Merry in Berry Hill was so fun! I saw lots of friends, met Mod FruGal (yay!), and even met one of my new neighbors who moved in 2 houses down! She and her mom were my first customers and picked up some really fun things.


The weather was amazing - it was about 72 degrees all day! The bright sun made it hard to get good photos, though.

Fun fact: Martina McBride was there! She walked past my booth and something caught her eye - she stopped and poked her head in to look closer at something but then kept walking... Shoot! :) 


I grabbed some things from my booth to take up there but I had a ton of stock at home that I had bought recently. I also took some handmade items like my button rings (in the cigar box above) and my mini-books. I didn't sell any rings but I sold two mini-books and a little collage I had made - it's so validating to sell something you make when you don't really consider yourself a "maker." (When I told my co-workers I was doing a craft fair, they all asked what I make. I said, "Nothing!" and they all laughed that I was doing a craft fair when I don't make things. What I meant was that I don't really consistently make things - I get whims, make tons of something, then move on... which is why I have like 40 button rings and 15 mini-books! Ha!) 

Love when friends shop Owl Really! Kellie bought some cute shirts for her adorable daughter Isla and Melodie picked up my faaaavorite deer salt and pepper shakers!


One of the highlights of the day was seeing Leslie and Shawn. They are adopting from China and very recently got matched with their daughter and had just received new photos of her. She is so beautiful and they will get to bring her home next spring. I sent them home with 3 cute dresses for the future! Check out these happy faces and their sweet girl's photo on Leslie's phone!


AH! So cute and I'm so happy for them. Have I mentioned I love adoption??!?!?! I do. A lot.

It was a great day!! I hadn't done a festival or fair in 2 years but I think I might have to make Making Merry an annual event!

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  1. I love adoption too! How exciting for your friends, their little baby looks very cute. Your booth also had some really cute things, I definitely would have bought some of those ceramic gems!


  2. It was to great to finally meet you in person! Glad you had a successful day!

  3. Yay for good weather and fun friends! So happy it was a good day all around.
    how fun about Martina!!! so cool!

  4. I'm glad it went well for you. Sounds like you had a good time.

  5. Oh Yes, thank you for the update! SO HAPPY it was a splendid day for you all around! The pictures of your display look outstanding, and seeing people in a happy place make it hard to see the day end! Congrats to the adoptive parents. I know quite a few families who chose adoption and nothing but love exists afterward for everyone!


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