Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New-to-us Nightstands!

Years ago, my former roommate and I were on Find & Design, a home makeover show on A&E. They filmed a whole season in Nashville and I heard from a friend they were casting so I sent an email, they did a phone screen, then sent someone to interview us, and we were booked!

The room in our house that is currently Andy's office used to be the guestroom and before that it was a sort of spare room for all my and my roommate's random post-college stuff that we didn't know what to do with. Our first apartment in Nashville had room for 2 couches and a chair & a half but when I bought the house and she moved with me, the new living room only had room for 1 couch and the chair. The second couch went to the spare room along with a rickety bookshelf and assorted floor lamps we were no longer using.

The room was a perfect candidate to be made over. At the time, my style was heavily influenced by pottery barn and anything shabby chic. I told the host that I wanted a second living room that could double as a guest room but mostly function as an overflow living-room-area when we had parties. That morphed into her designing us a "shabby chic party pad."

Over the years, my style has evolved and I have been getting rid of the various items they bought for me. (A shame, huh? A room full of free stuff that I quickly grew out of... A total bummer.) They brought in apothecary-style nightstands for the room and when Andy moved in after we were married, they worked pretty well as bedside tables for us. I didn't LOVE them but they worked well and held a lot.


I subscribe to my Craigslist searches and a few weeks ago I saw a posting for a pair of mid-century nightstands for $35 each. I spoke to the seller on my way to Louisville and he graciously agreed to hold them until I got back to town the next afternoon. He was so nice!

When I saw them in person, I knew they were perfect replacements! Out with the shabby, in with the Danish!


I found beautiful teal pearlized trays at Target (in the Christmas section) that fit PERFECTLY and cover up the white painted top of the nightstands. I feel like it makes our room look infinitely more decorated, even though it's really not decorated.... We have two things on the wall - a tiny bird painting I got at the Brooklyn Flea and a TV. Eek. :)

But, I am feeling majorly inspired to decorate lately so I'm trying to be better about it and commit to buying things. I'm so frugal that it's hard for me to actually commit to buying something new or big for the house. I'm so glad I found a great deal on these tables!

Tomorrow - shots of them set up!

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  1. Wow, nice! So jealous about your nightstand score! I lurked craigslist and antique malls for MONTHS looking for two matching mid-century nightstands (of the right dimensions- that was the hard part). We had one already, but I wanted them to match. I finally gave up and bought another lone mid-century nightstand and decided we'd just have two mismatched ones. lol. We are obsessed with mcm, and over the last several years we have replaced nearly all of our furniture with mid century pieces. Before that we had a few mcm pieces because we loved the look, but most of our stuff was modern "loft style" i.e. West Elm/Ikea. :)

  2. I love those nightstands! Whee!

    I'd love to see footage of that show. What a trip!

  3. *****Waving hand wildly***** I love the old nightstand! The new ones are nice too....but the old one is screaming my name! lol

  4. woohoo! love the look of the new tables! I can't wait to see them in place


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