Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calling all Nashville Brides: Budget Wedding Bootcamp

Life is so funny, sometimes! When I was only working part time this summer, I became obsessed with the thought of teaching a class through The Skillery. Then, I got an awesome job and I put my desire to teach a class on the backburner. Amazingly, at work, our team brought in Cara Davis for a meeting. I was familiar with Cara because she used to work for Relevant Magazine and I listened to her on their podcast every week. Cara and I instantly had so much in common and we bonded over our love of budget weddings!

Cara was already working on a Budget Wedding Bootcamp with her friend Casey and they brought me in to help teach! I'm so excited to teach about something I'm passionate about -- not spending a fortune and going into debt for a wedding! I truly believe that a wedding should be more about the marriage than the party and I'm really excited to meet with other women who feel the same way and give them the tools they need to plan a budget wedding!

P.S. I'm very excited that Melissa is letting us meet at Pistils and Petals! If you haven't been yet, be sure to stop by and pick up some flowers or fun handmade or vintage items!

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  1. Wasn't I going to make a sign for this? hmmm I remember us talking about it, but then forgot. Let me know, k?
    sounds like a fun time!


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