Monday, April 1, 2013

Thrift Report: Late finds!

Woops, I forgot to post these finds from a few weeks ago! I squeezed in as many sales as I could and spent a long Saturday morning venturing around, trying to scoop up some finds.

First up, I picked up this great Westinghouse fan (it works!) from the Family Tree estate sale. I also grabbed this cute, cute, cute pink bunny face from a local thrift store. On Saturday, I bought this yellow McCoy planter at Family Tree for half off! At a really random sale on Thursday or Friday, I got this cute key hanger.


Sooo, I'm pretty jealous because Rae bought an amazing box of Christmas stuff at an estate sale probably just moments before I showed up and got totally ripped off. If you check out her post, you'll see the GOBS of amazing vintage Christmas items she picked up for $4. I, on the other hand, paid $5 for this little pile of stuff. It's still an OK deal, but I'm so jealous of her score!! Happy for her, but jealous. :)


I like to keep apple-y things in my booth, I think they're cute! I picked up some books - I love to keep sewing and etiquette books stocked and then I thought this "Things To Worry About" book was pretty cute. I like school-y type things, so I grabbed this box of colorful chalk…and of course I buy as many vintage ceramic Christmas trees as I can. I bought all 3 of these in one weekend--two in one day! I'm a maniac!!!


I'm holding the Christmas items for Christmas but everything else is in my booth! Come shop!! :)

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  1. That apple tray is adorable - not sure if I could have let that go (besides, my daughter would probably have claimed it anyway and she often gets first dibs, lol)

  2. that apple tray is super adorable

  3. i'm sorry i took all the good stuff! the lady running that sale drives me CRAZY. she doens't pay attention to what she is pricing at all. and usually she is on the phone when you try to check out.

  4. Great score on the x-mas trees. I buy them every chance I get. Good sellers.

  5. I think Rae's score still has all of us seeing green but you didn't do too bad either. I love the fan! It reminds me of a sexy old car.


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