Friday, August 16, 2013

TCM's Star of the Month - Doris Day

My mom sent me an adorable video of Doris Day talking about her career and her co-stars. The video is all clips from her movies that mimic/match what she's saying about her life. It's REALLY cute...check it out below!

I love, love, love Doris Day and this video just further cements my love of her.

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  1. NPR 's Terry Gross interviewed her last April on her birthday! She still sounds wonderful!!!! I had to laugh when Terrynasked her about the song "Que Sera Sera" and how it was probably the most recognized, if not most loved song she sang. Ms. Day said she hated it and never thought it belonged in the movie " The Man Who Knew Too Much". I always thought it did not belong in the movie either! I still love her today and wish only long lasting good health! I recommend you try to listen to Terry's interview with her. I believe it's in the archives on her website!!!!

    1. I forgot about that interview, but I do remember listening to it! (I love Fresh Air!) It was lovely.

      She's so interesting - she has basically secluded herself away and lives with a ton of animals.

  2. ohh, even though I've seen it a few times before, I feel the need to click PLAY!

    love it!

  3. I just watched this on TCM, luckily it recorded with something else I had on the DVR. I love Doris Day so much, and she was so gracious and sweet in this interview.

  4. Oh, her voice is just heavenly! I like how down to earth she is in that interview. Like she's not a super movie star, more like she's your grandma.

  5. Thanks for sharing was so enjoyable to watch! I'm going to see what Netfix offers in Doris Day movies! :-)


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