Monday, August 19, 2013

Thrift Report: West Coast Edition

I went to Washington for work earlier this month and was able to hang out with some dear, dear friends - Jake and Amy and their two daughters. I actually met their family for the first time at our wedding. Jake and Andy have been best friends for years but since they live so far away, I was never able to meet them until they came to town for the wedding. I am so thankful for them and their wonderful, amazing daughters who are like nieces to me!

Amy is one of the kindest, most generous people I've ever met. She handed me this owl plaque and said she had had it for me for awhile! She's the best. It's going on my office gallery wall whenever I get around to doing that! 


I squeezed in some thrifting in my downtime and found...


A cute ceramic owl, a kinda crazy whale bank, and some poorly-painted owls.

I put the brown owl in my booth yesterday. I'm keeping the whale - I just need to work on it. The flowery design is done in puffy paint so I need to figure out how best to remove that. Then I'm going to paint it a solid color - those lips and huge eyes freak me out!

I also want to paint over the owl duo and put those in my booth.


I found these fun souvenir plates - Hawaii, Ireland, San Francisco, California, and a mother's day plate.


Ughhhhhh I still want to quilt. It's been a goal for years but I'm scared and so I haven't started. I picked up these fabric pieces because they were cute, pre-cut, and didn't smell awful like the ones I bought last year in Gatlinburg.

And I found some cute, never-used retro potholders!


I have felt such a surge of nostalgia for little golden books lately, so I picked out some favorite stories to bring home.


I keep thinking about starting a stationery shop on etsy since I love buying/selling vintage stationery but it doesn't do well in my booth. Sooo, these would go in there if I ever do that! (I'm thinking maybe labor day weekend I could get some work done on it? We'll seee....!!)


Love aghans! Love finding cool patterns and colors.


These will both go to my booth soon, although I have 3 afghans there that have been there for a loooong time. Do people not love them as much as me? (She types while snuggled up under a teal afghan she bought at Goodwill and kept!)

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  1. Afghans run hot and cold in my mall (for me) too! But I have a friend with a booth on the other side of my mall and she can't keep them in stock!

  2. GREAT finds!! That Cabbage Patch Kid stationery in particular is amazing!!!

  3. great stuff! :) I think the afghans might do well on Etsy ???

    love that plaque from Amy, so darn cute!

  4. I have two afghans in my booth right now, as well. I'm hoping they are slow to move because it's not really afghan weather yet...

  5. I love the vintage stationary etsy idea. It's genius!

  6. Those afghans are really cute.I wish I could find some like that;I just made an afghan for my daughter and a whole bunch of other people have piped up that they want me to make them one too.
    If you're afraid to quilt,start small.A doll quilt or a wall hanging is a good place to start.

  7. Great finds! The Little Golden books are so cute, the illustrations are the best! Stationary - well most paper goods - don't seem to do very well in my booth either.
    When you buy an afghan, what is your max price? I saw one at a thrift that was priced at $39.99! To me that is way too much, even when it gets marked half off. I know that they take a lot of time and love to make, but geez...


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