Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art Discovery:

Last week when all the coolest bloggers were hanging out at Alt Summit, I noticed some of them posting about on Instagram. I was super curious about the company, so I switched from phone to my laptop and looked it up. I was instantly stunned by the beauty of the designs and the range of the products! I sent the link to my friend Hilary, with whom I share all my best online finds, and we ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the designs.

Aside from art prints, Minted offers a huuuuge range of printed products like birth announcementsevery kind of wedding paper product you would need (like save the dates, invitations, bridal shower invitations) stationery, journals, calendars, wrapping paper - I mean, the list goes on and on. The choices are endless - and so impressive!!

I'm extremely drawn to the art prints - I have been wanting to collect more art for our walls so I can switch out our small gallery wall above our couch and also add some more art to our dining room.

(I'm also pinning some of my favorite nursery prints for the future! They have the cutest ones and you can even customize them! A lot of the art comes in different colors AND you can add a frame for as little as $5. I know. I'm gushing, but I am in love!)

Here are some of my favorites (click the image to view them on

St. Paul's Cathedral in London - when I went to London in college, St. Paul's was my favorite place. I felt so at peace and so at home there. Then years later, I realized it was where the bird lady sings "Feed The Birds" in Mary Poppins. Destiny.

Speaking of Mary Poppins, I love anything umbrella related. :)

All girls love horses, right??

I want to fill our house with all peonies all the time, which isn't very realistic. BUT, I could hang this print and feel like I have a fresh bouquet year-round!
And more favorites...

I love that you can order them framed. Sometimes it's so hard to find a frame and matte that work for your art - this takes all the hard work out of that!
Thanks so much to for credit toward art! All opinions are my own - I really did fall in love with them last week before they reached out to me!

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  1. I definitely will bookmark this! I am always looking for cute art to give friends for their baby's rooms.

  2. I saw lots of talk about this website too. One could get into lots of trouble there...


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