Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite Finds: Emily's Vintage Dental Cabinet

I'm really excited to share today's favorite find with you! Emily is one of my dear friends and she did all the design for our wedding. She is amazingly talented and you can find her work at Every Little Thing Studio.

Emily's house is the most inspirational house I've ever been in. Every time I'm there, I soak in all of her great furniture, design, art, everything! I absolutely love her style. Below, she shares her favorite find!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My Favorite Find is a vintage 50s-era Dental Cabinet that I use as a night-stand. I snagged it almost 10 years ago at an auction in my home town, where I ended up in a bidding war with an antique dealer. I'm sure he was disappointed that I kept going! I was just out of college and broke at the time, so the $50 winning bid seemed like a sacrifice to me at the time, but seems more like a steal today!

What were your first thoughts? Did you know right away that you wanted to repurpose it into a bedside table?

I think I actually had it in mind for a bathroom cabinet, but since I was living with my grandmother at the time, I had no clear vision on what my own place would look like. I think it ended up as a night-stand because my bathrooms have always been so small!

Did you have to do any repairs or modifications to make it use-able?

No, not really! It's in really fantastic condition. The only thing I've done is mount some left-over wallpaper inside the glass window on the main door... I keep my pajamas inside, which can look messy; this was a convenient way to hide the mess! Lately, I've considered painting the outside a light lemon color, but so far have yet to actually break out the paints.

Any other details we should know?

I love how the drawer swings out to the side! The drawer is actually a little enameled tray that pops out for easy cleaning. Also the shelves inside are made of a really pretty tempered glass. And if I can sneak in a second "favorite find"... I also adore the vintage bankers' stand lamp that sits beside the cabinet!

Why do you love buying vintage/secondhand?

When it comes to decorating and design, I tend to lean towards a very modern style. However, this style on its own can seem very cold and uninviting (see:!). Adding vintage pieces to a modern room adds warmth and interest, and dispels the clinical feel that modern design can so easily slide into. In addition, I think it is easier to establish your own unique decorating sense by using vintage pieces, rather than having your style dictated by the stores you shop in. And let's be honest... I love having pieces in my home that are different from what everyone else has!

And now for cute photos of cats! Emily rescued two kittens, Alice and Tonks.

Tonks does a really cute little dance:

Emily, thanks so much for being a great friend and for sharing your favorite find!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucy's First Play Date!

Last week, Lucy got her last round of shots, which meant she could finally meet other dogs! I am so excited to socialize her with other pups. We took her up to Nashville Pet Products on Friday to break the ice and meet new people and pups and she did great! Everyone at the shop loved her - she is the belle of the ball wherever we go! She is really great with people and we were so eager to introduce her to dogs!

We took her to our friends Shannon and Grey's house, where they have 2 smaller adorable dogs - Hank and Lila who are both about 3 years old. Hank has an old soul, though, and was not interested in playing with energetic Lucy at all! We joked that he's the "Get off my lawn!" kinda guy.
Lila and Lucy play similarly, but Lila wasn't sure what to make of Lucy when Lucy would pounce or paw at her. It took them all some time to warm up and when Molly, who Shannon and Grey were dogsitting, came out to play - everything changed! She and Lucy chased and chased and chased each other and Lila got in on the action and the three of them had so much fun!

Lucy played non-stop for almost 3 hours which meant even the next day, she was still totally groggy! I got some hilarious photos mid-action (like the one above) which make Lucy look crazy, but really she was just having a blast! In the below photos, Lila is the all black pup and Molly is the pomeranian-ish one. (Not sure of her exact mix!)

Lucy has crazy eyes! She is so fun. I'll try to post videos from her playdate soon!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Thrift Report: Owls and Bags!

I had some great luck at Goodwill last week - I found some really cute purses and suitcases! Last year, I saw a girl scarf up a red "Going to Grandma's" suitcase and ever since then, I've been on the hunt for one. I finally found one and it's in pretty great condition! I also found a blue/purple flowered suitcase (the handle is missing - anyone have suggestions on a replacement?) and a brown leather-ish granny-ish purse (love it), navy blue oversize clutch, and cute gold clutch.
I also found a box of really old dominoes and a brown leather-ish camera case.

The owls are from various shops - my mom picked up the wooden candlesticks and the pair of owls in that first photo. I snagged the owl salt and pepper shakers at the flea market this weekend. I also got that little deer for free from a kind vendor. I asked how much (with 75 cents in hand) and he told me to just take it. I'm going to hold onto it to accent a terrarium or planter!

This beautiful suitcase was picked up by my mom back in Louisville and it's gorgeous! It's in great condition!

This week, I will try to put some new shelves in my booth because I just found out Saturday night that my white enamel table sold. This might be my best month ever - my 2 most expensive items (that table and a cute file cabinet) both sold in February! Here's hoping March follows this great trend!!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun: My Mom's KSBI Interview!

My mom is so talented and I'm so glad the world is taking notice! :) She was interviewed last week by a TV show on KSBI in Oklahoma and she did so well! Be sure to check out her blog, My Repurposed Life, and watch the interview here!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joey's Mom: The Southern

Joey's mom spent a lot of time at a restaurant/club called The Southern. It started out as a small barbecue stand and grew significantly over the years. She worked there before her marriage to Jerry and after they were married, they socialized there quite often. Below, she tells us more about the club.

It all began with Hank, a boyfriend from my first summer in Grand Rapids after high school graduation in 1946. During that carefree summer of first liberation from parents and home, Hank and I spent many of our nonworking hours with Dotty, my housemate, and her date Chet, my brother. At some point a light went on and Hank said, "You girls should be working at the Southern!" He told us it was a nightclub in a southern suburb, a decent place with good clientele where waitresses could do well. Both his parents had worked there for years. His father, Dave, was the head chef, and his mother, Marian, was maitre d'. He said he could ask them to set up an interview for us with the owners.

About a week later Dotty and I sat at a shiny black-topped table in a booth near the kitchen of the Southern. Over coffee with the owners, Esther and Herb Kaiser, we talked about possible jobs there. It was not a place of casual employment, they stressed. Some of their waitresses had been with them for years. They asked about our lives and backgrounds, and told us we'd be entering a family into which we should fit in. Pay would be $2.50 per night, plus tips. It was a given that we would work Friday and Saturday nights. Other nights, or all day Sunday, could be scheduled according to our preference and their need.

Soon we were measured for uniforms -- definitely not Playboy-bunny style -- and we gave notice at our jobs. One thing we liked about the new job was that we were now within walking distance of work. Another benefit was the good dinner prepared by chef Dave and served to us when we reported to work at 5. This was a real plus since our kitchen at Miss Daame's, our Dutch schoolteacher-landlady, was minimal. The club closed at 1 a.m., and we could expect to walk out by 2.

The Southern "family" included band members Jerry Van Huizen on piano and John Degi on drums. Jessie, the vocalist, was a younger sister of owner Esther Kaiser. The customers loved her and called her away from her hostessing job to come sing.

Jerry Van Huizen was also a talented vocalist, and his Dutch name played very well in a city heavily populated by Dutch immigrants.

Before marriage, dancing is what Jerry did. When I first saw "Saturday Night Fever," I thought, "I've lived with this family!" Jerry WAS John Travolta, living to dance, and doing it to perfection. While we were engaged and I was working Saturday nights, he continued to go out to dance, and it seemed perfectly natural! Hard to believe that he would want to marry me, the non-dancer. He had to teach me from scratch. He would take me on quiet weeknights to a small place with a dance floor and a juke-box, and hold me closely to help me feel the music and his movements. It was slow going but he was patience personified, and eventually I began to get it. In fact, a year or so into our marriage I made him promise that any night we went to a restaurant, a party, or the theater, that we would end with a dance somewhere! I used my sister-in-law Dotty's birth certificate to obtain a liquor card so that we could go where we pleased. But here we are in August 1950, 3 years into our marriage, and I'm a legitimate 21, grown-up, married, and able to dance.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Favorite Finds: Leah's Drafting Table

It's so fun to follow other vintage resellers and see what awesome finds they score and what they're up to! I was happy to find Leah's blog Plainview and her etsy store MoxieThrift. She stocks such great items with super affordable prices. I'm pleased to share her favorite find below!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

I purchased a drafting table about 7 years ago from a guy I worked with at the time. I didn’t really know him that well, and me, the shy ol' transplant to the area was intimidated by the large group of guys that worked in the back. (Lucky for me, those guys turned out to be a super group of grandpa/dad/brother types that helped a single gal whenever I asked). One day he walked up to the front office, peeked his head in and asked if I wanted a drafting table for $50. He heard that I was ‘artsy’ and thought it would work well for a work table. He even offered to set it up in my apartment. So, I guess I didn’t find it at came to me!

What were your first thoughts when you saw it?

Believe it or not, I purchased it sight unseen. Call me faithful or call me naive, he described it to me and I thought it sounded fine. Now-a-days, I would totally get measurements and height and measure out a spot and hem and haw and do all that grown up responsible stuff -blech. But back then, naaah, I would just figure it out as I went.

I thought it was totally great when he delivered it and set it up...but i had no idea how many hours I would eventually spend standing in front of this great piece working on all sorts of projects.

Did you have to make adjustments in your home for it to fit?

I was in the infancy stage of discovering that I wanted to make things - creative things - and realizing it would always be a part of my life in one form or another. I never thought about having a dedicated “work space.” ---heck, I lived alone at the time, my whole apartment was my dedicated work space.

Did you have to do any restoration/repair?

Fun fact: the green rubbery sheet on top is “self healing.” ---yeah, I had never heard of that either. If you use an exacto knife and it goes through to the green sheet, it will ‘heal’ and you won’t be able to see the slice. Ok, so, it’s self healing except for the one big area where I cut up hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of my photographs to make greeting cards and artsy pieces. It’s pretty sliced and diced

Any other details we should know?

It’s a jack of all trades table now. Making stuff, cleaning items we find thrifting, packing items to name it, this is the go to spot. Ok, so it’s also easy to collect junk supplies in the drawers and under the table --- that wood drawer underneath is chock full of vintage greeting cards and notepads. (Vintage’s a sickness, I tell ya). And the middle tote runneth over with yarn and ribbon (also a sickness -- but, c'mon, the colors and styles are just too good to pass up!) secured from a garage sale and a few auctions.

Why do you love buying vintage/secondhand?

I have a wee bit of trouble articulating the answer to this question. How about this: it’s usually very well made or has great design/color or both. And then tack on the thrill (high?) of the hunt and satisfaction of getting a great price on a funky piece...and add to it the luxury of a constantly rotating “favorite item” collection and of course it goes without saying that cookie cutter designs from big box stores are so...well...cookie cutter. And who wants to be a cookie cutter...unless of course it’s a funky old cookie cutter from the 50s. Then sign me up.

Who all is behind MoxieThrift?

Brent and I will be married 5 years in April. I opened our shop in May of 2008 because the leftover vintage supplies I sold in my handmade shop were selling better than my handmade stuff (bummer, but I’m over it). About a year later Brent came on board and it’s been 50/50 ever since. I absolutely realize and am appreciative of the oddity that is a husband and wife team when it comes to reselling vintage and having similar tastes in what appeals to us when we are seeking out items. We really do love it and still, after more than 3.5 years of reselling, still get all giddy and holler out to the other person when we sell something...”We sold something on et-syyyyy!”

So fun! I would love a huge table like that (and the room for it in our house!)! Great score, Leah!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best of Etsy: Vintage Dresses Under $20

One of my favorite pastimes is searching Etsy for vintage dresses! I haven't found any for myself lately, but below I rounded up some of the best dresses for under $20! Click the photo or link to check out the listing!

Vintage Meg Marlowe White Eyelet Wiggle Dress

Pristine White Floral Day Dress

80s Silk Dress

Rainbow Brite Beach Dress

Black Lace 80s Dress

Flower Power Dress

Two Tone Mini Dress

Houndstooth Dress

Mod Mini Dress

Pale Blue Eyelet Dress

Hope you found something you like or inspiration, at least! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrift Report: Long Distance Edition

My mom knows that I'm a sucker for old Cosco shelves and she called me on Sunday because she found some for only $10! Someone in my antique mall was recently selling some (spray painted white) for $60. Yikes!

I want them for our house but the spot where I want to put them is 33" wide and Cosco shelves are 36", sadly. I already have some Cosco shelves in my booth marked "not for sale" because I hope someday we'll have a larger house where they will fit... Not sure what I will do with these new ones yet since I don't have room in my booth OR house for them. They might go into the garage for storage for a little while!

I recently stocked 2 sets of sugar/flour canisters and they sold immediately, so I'm definitely on the hunt for more canisters. Luckily, I saw that the store where my mom was shopping had these in stock (they post photos to their Facebook page) and I asked her to scoop them up for me. They are sooo cute - can't wait to add them to the booth!

Thanks Mom for shopping for me and sending me photos! She'll be down next week to attend Blissdom - can't wait to see her and get my goodies! :-)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun: What's On Our Bar?

We're not crazy partiers or anything, but we've set up a cute little bar in our dining room with some special items!

1. Did you know there is legal moonshine? If you've seen that new show Moonshiners, you would probably be surprised to know that there's actually a legal still in Tennessee! Ole Smoky Moonshine is based in Gatlinburg, TN and when I went with Andy's family to Gatlinburg for the first time in 2010, he & I visited the Ole Smoky Moonshine shop and test tasted it. It. was. awful! Ha! Andy liked it and when we went back last fall, he made sure to pick up some! It's fun to share with friends (more on that later!)

2. I love dragging Andy to estate sales. :) He is a great sport and sometimes he finds really great items! He found this beautiful decanter and glass set at an estate sale on his old street, actually. It's only for show right now, as the pump is a little funky.

3. We used this pretty glass for the communion juice at our wedding!

4. My mom found this great "flask satchel" at a thrift store. Not sure what it's officially called, but it's this great case that holds 2 beautiful glass flasks inside. They're a great way for Andy to take his 2 moonshine flavors for friends to try! The joke is that he calls it his "Irish lunch pail." (He's Scottish, so he takes the liberty of making fun of my people, the Irish.) :)

Please drink responsibly! I feel like I have to say that. We are adults and we consume responsibly and you should too. :)

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Joey's Mom: Barclay Street - The Beginning

Every Thursday, we're visiting with Joey's Mom. She tells many tales on Joey's Flickr stream, but our story will begin with her leaving the roominghouse she shared with Dotty (when Dotty married Joey's Mom's brother, Chet) and moving into the house on Barclay Street where she rented the maid's room. The house on Barclay Street was bought by Jerry with his Army savings in order to provide for his mother, Josephine, and his youngest brother Tony.

Joey's mom tells intriguing stories and her re-telling of moving into 119 Barclay Street and meeting Jerry for the first time is great. Read below and see more on Joey's Flickr stream.

Photo and commentary by Joey's mother

After graduating from high school in 1946, I worked and attended business school in Grand Rapids. A recent best friend, Dotty, became engaged in the fall to my brother, a returned serviceman. Since Dotty was my roommate, my brother Chet felt responsible for helping me locate a place to live on my own. He rented a room for me in this house in Heritage Hills, just blocks from Davenport College and the bus stop to my workplace. I had a private room and access to the bathroom and kitchen used by the Italian family that owned the building -- young landlord Jerry, his mother, and Jerry's teenage brother.

Entering the spooky, cold, and dark house at 2:30 a.m. on my first night in early December after the nightclub stint, and feeling my way from the front door all the way to the upper-rear maid's room, was an experience to remember. Fitting in with the family for my important use of the kitchen came next. But the young are adaptable. At 18 I was nearly a blank slate, and just took what came, and it became my life. Actually the family regarded me as a novelty and a good addition to their lives.

Mama didn't resent my presence in the kitchen, as I feared, which made me move cautiously in her realm at first. I asked the teenager to clear a half-shelf for me in the refrigerator, as no defined area was mine. The whole thing needed a good sanitizing. I did it gradually and no one complained. Emboldened, my Dutch Cleanser arm inched out, scouring teensie cupboard areas at first, then whole shelves, finally a whole cupboard, like a spreading plague of Clean. Then I attacked the indescribable range, temporarily setting to the side the simmering red sauce. Mama appeared briefly, smiled slightly, and disappeared.

Jerry purchased the Italianate style house with his Army savings after World War II. His father was about to divorce his mother, and helped Jerry turn the upstairs (except for my "maid's room") into an independent apartment. It was rented immediately due to the housing shortage. You can see the added wooden fire escape stairway required by law. Jerry then moved his mother and younger brother away from the Italian ghetto off South Division Street to this "new" house. There was ample room for the three of them on the main floor as the rooms were large. The living room on the front had a working fireplace with a white marble mantle above a graceful arched white marble fireplace opening. The dining room was large, with leaded-glass cabinets along one side. I remember inviting a date over for dinner one night, and I entertained him at the table under a huge chandelier with many lights. On each arm, just before the electric bulb, there was a jet operable by thumb and finger. We turned the valve. The jet hissed. My date struck a match. Voila! Gas light. We then lit 'em all. A yellow splendor and a fire hazard. Perhaps at the time the electric chandelier was added folks didn't believe that electricity was really here to stay and wanted a fallback.

Because of our busy schedules I lived in the house for about a week before ever meeting Jerry. He worked in the barbershop 8 to 6. I arose late, went to classes, worked a 90-minute lunch-hour job at the Mug 'n' Muffin, and headed by bus to the Southern for late-afternoon dinner set-up and arrived home at 2:30 a.m. The Southern couldn't be counted upon for enough work nights to get me by financially, so I worked the dinner hour on my “off” nights at the Bird and Bow on Division Avenue. It's no wonder Jerry and I seldom collided.

Our first meeting was brief. Seated at the kitchen table, Tony introduced us at dinnertime as Jerry hurried out for a bite to eat before dancing, his nightly routine. He told me later that what he remembered was my posture at the table. What I remembered was that one of his shirtsleeves was ironed and the other wasn't. A short time later we met again in the kitchen. He asked me if I danced, and I admitted not knowing how. He answered that we could take in a movie some time. Our first date! Then he began popping into the kitchen frequently. He proposed a modest restaurant downtown. Another movie. I began finding penciled notes on the kitchen table when I got home from work, hoping I'd done well on tips, did I have any call* customers. Sometimes the landlord himself was waiting, invigorated from a night of dancing.

And so it went. Tony and Mama were pleased about everything. One night, trying to study under the chandelier in the gloomy dining room, I watched Jerry out of the corner of my eye, polishing the dark wood floor for his mother. I thought, "This is a very nice man." Of course Tony led him up to my room one evening to show off the decor. Maybe Jerry thought "This is a very nice girl." In late March he produced a "Keepsake" diamond ring in a jeweler's box.

Joey here. I asked my mom what a "call" customer is. She emailed this explanation to me: "Call customers were those who specifically asked for a certain waitress. Management took heed of girls who were favored thus by customers, and it was a coup among the waitresses too. Sometimes it resulted in a better tip because you paid special attention to customers who asked for you. Further, you weren't waiting in rotation for a customer."

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Favorite Finds: Jill's Mantel Headboard

My friend Melissa (whose bathroom was one of my first favorite finds!) shared her friend Jill's great headboard project with me and I was eager to talk more with Jill about it! Jill found a great old mantel in an antique mall and turned it into a headboard! Find out more below and be sure to check out Jill on pinterest!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite antiquing find is definitely my mantel! I was out with one of my friends in early December, and we stopped by 8th Avenue Antiques for their open house. I love 8th Ave because it is so crowded with treasures – the hunt is exhilarating! If you’ve ever been there, you know that the front room is divided into three big aisles, overflowing with items. But most people don’t ever go all the way into the back room, where there are essentially clearance items – old poster frames with cracked glass, ceramic plates with seascapes on them, old wicker vases, things like that. We were rummaging around, and my eyes swept across the back wall. There, behind an old bassinet and a big rocking chair, facing backwards, was my mantel. My heart skipped a beat. We went to dig it out, and once we turned it around, I knew I had to have it. It’s a beautiful cream color, with very simple, classic lines but not plain at all. The asking price was way above my college-student budget (which actually has no room for antiques at all – whoops) but I was able to bargain with the owner and he gave it to me for pretty much a fraction of the price. I think they just wanted to get rid of it, and I was happy to oblige!

How did you get the idea to turn the mantel into a headboard?

It was actually the last in a whole line of ideas. My room is already pretty antiquey – my sister says I have “grandma style.” Since my bed is cattycorner to the wall, I had no support behind my head and my pillows kept slipping off the top of the bed into the corner. I wanted a headboard that would fit my style already, and make a statement in my room. My first idea was to use old shutters. Once I started thinking along those lines, I realized I could probably use an old door as well. I scoured Craigslist for a few months, but nothing ever came up that I both liked and could afford. And then, one day, I was sketching out what I wanted the headboard to look like, and it occurred to me that I had pretty much just drawn a fireplace mantel. The fact that I found my mantel about 4 days later was totally fate.

What was the process of repurposing it?

Well, since the mantel was already beautiful, I really didn’t have to do much. I did take nearly an hour cleaning about 70 years of dust and ash off of it, though. The right side upright was a little wobbly, so I had to tighten some screws and add a little support to make it sturdy. I definitely did not want to repaint it, because I love the glossy cream paint – chips and all! Turning it into a headboard was very straightforward – all I needed to do was make the center panel. I had thought of doing a batted panel, but decided against it and went with a simple 2x4 foot bead board panel from Home Depot. They have pre-cut sections, so I just paid $10 for it and walked out! The color isn’t exactly right, but it’s very hard to tell. I’m so happy with it.

Is it attached to the bed or is it freestanding?

As of now, it is freestanding. Having my bed in the corner meant that I just had to put the mantel at the angle I wanted and then push the bed up against it, which holds it in place. I will probably attach it to the bed at some point, but as for now, it’s doing its job!

Was the process harder or easier than you anticipated?

Well, I had thought that I would need to do a lot more to get it to the point where I could use it, so I guess in that sense, it was easier. There were some tricky bits with attaching the bead board (making it level, nailing through the front panel, etc) but overall, it was really simple.

Any other details we need to know?

The man at the store said that the mantel was an original piece that had been taken from a house that was built in the 1940’s. I love the history behind that! Also, mantels work great as headboards, because they give you a great display shelf as a bonus!

Why do you love buying vintage/secondhand?

I’m extremely nostalgic – always have been. Last year, when I studied abroad, I had the opportunity to travel all over Europe and explore the histories of so many incredible places. While I was traveling, I collected postage stamps as souvenirs (which is great, because they are very cheap, don’t take up any space, and you can be sure you’ll always find them wherever you go!). When I got home, I wanted a cute way to display them. One day at Goodwill, I found a beautiful old gold frame, and the idea struck me to put all of my stamps in antiqued frames. My love for antique shopping was born as I began hunting through thrift stores and antique malls, searching for small gold frames to complete my collection. Eventually, though, I started looking for other things as well, and now I have a wonderful assortment of neat, old, beautiful things! I love to think about the events that my items have “seen” – all the Christmas mornings that happened in front of my mantel, the bedtime stories read in my arm chair, the conversations that took place over the tea served from my silver platter.. things like that. It just gives me a sense of connection to the past, and to the future as well, when I remember that I will be a part of someone’s nostalgia one day.

Jill, your headboard turned out so well and I love your thoughts on buying vintage! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Booth Updates: Valentine's Day!

January was such a great month in the booth, which left some holes to fill! I haven't really had time to thrift since we got Lucy but luckily I had some stock stored upstairs in our attic that I was holding onto for spring, but the weather was warm last week so it seemed ok to go on and stock!

I got a really cool typewriter at an estate sale recently but it might not sell quickly because some other booths in the mall have much cheaper typewriters. Not sure why they're priced so low, but I always sell them for $45 and feel like that's pretty standard... so... we'll see what happens!

I love creating little vignettes and thought the fawn and succulent looked cute together!

I created a little Valentine section with great classic books (Pride and Prejudice, for example!), a pink frame sent to me from Stephanie, some gold pantyhose, a flowery alarm clock, a cute kissing couple trivet, "heats and flowers" stationery, pink and white glasses, cute mouse stationery, and a pink/purple trivet. Nothing was explicitly Valentine-y, but I hoped that grouped together they would convey a Valentine theme. After a week grouped like that, I hadn't sold anything... but there's still hope. I haven't been up there since Saturday, so maybe something sold since then!

I added some new dresses to the booth and moved the children's clothes to the back wall so they would be more easily seen. I have been pretty surprised that none of the cute kids' clothes have sold yet!

I also added a white enamel-top table.

Some of my "spring" items - I love the orange watering can!

Thanks for checking out my updates! If you're in Nashville, stop by the Tennessee Antique Mall at 654 Wedgewood Ave!

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