Thursday, June 13, 2013

Old School Ceramics: What Next?

Since I finished my Clauses last weekend, I had to decide what to do next.

I'm totally obsessed with vintage Christmas trees (see here and here and here and here), so I've known that I wanted to paint my own. Saturday, I started cleaning up a medium size Christmas tree, but I am trying to figure out what else I want to do next...

I am amazed at Barbara's selection. Check out these Sesame Street cookie jars:


AND, Santa's BAND! Oh my gosh. I love them.


I have no idea what I will do after my Christmas tree, but I have enough I'm interested in doing to keep me busy through NEXT Christmas! :)

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  1. You could do your own little army of lawn gnomes! Awesome and a bit scary...

  2. I loooove these, too, of course :D I have your antique mall booth post up on the blog today, thanks so much for playing along!

  3. OH! I so wish they were lawn gnome size - I was really hoping she would have gnomes. Sadly, the elves are pretty small and would get lost among our weeds. haha.

    Van, thanks so much for featuring me!

  4. I can totally see why you love the band members... they do remind me of a certain someone.... :)


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