Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Doris Day Weekend

Since the first time I saw Pillow Talk years ago, I have loved Doris Day! 

Every now and then, I check for Doris Day streaming movies because I have a hunch that Netflix is rotating them out. A few months ago, I saw that The Pajama Game was an option but after going to see a local production of the musical, I couldn't find it on instant streaming. But! There are two others - Move Over Darling and Do Not Disturb.

I always wake up early on weekends to let Lucy out and sometimes we stay up and sometimes we go back to bed. This weekend, I stayed up Saturday and watched Move Over Darling and Sunday I stayed up and put on Do Not Disturb.

In "Move Over Darling," Doris Day plays Ellen Arden, a woman who is presumed dead five years after she goes missing in a plane crash. Her husband, played by James Garner, has moved on and marries a woman named Bianca the morning that Ellen is delivered to shore by the navy.

Ellen's mother-in-law encourages her to go stop the honeymoon and then everything devolves into comedic chaos, of course!
image sourceWatch now on Netflix Instant Streaming!

Honestly, I didn't really like Do Not Disturb and lost interest in it when Doris' character went to Paris and got drunk and almost got taken advantage of by an antiques dealer and it was just meant to be funny, not disturbing. If you want to check it out, it's on Netflix here. The beginning was really cute and Doris even got to hold a little fox (that she mistook for a puppy) but once the story progressed, I just found it more and more disturbing. The relief to me is that Doris didn't want to do the movie... but her husband had power of attorney and signed her up for it. (That's disturbing, too.)

All in all, I think Doris Day is adorable and it's fun to cuddle with Lucy on early weekend mornings (we're talking 7am here!) and watch new-to-me movies.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Lucy's First Birthday

We were so excited to celebrate Lucy's first birthday this weekend! We bought her a new collar and leash, a huge new Nylabone, a new rope, and some dental treats. We had fun giving her her presents, baking pupcakes, and taking her to the dog park!

(sneak peek of the new mid-century love seat!!!!)

lucy birthday 2


She really liked her pupcake! We took some leftovers to Andy's mom's dog and to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's dog. They were super easy to make and while they didn't taste that great to me, I think the dogs really liked them. :) I used this recipe if you want to make them for your own pup!

I love taking Lucy to the dogpark because she has so much fun! She runs around and greets ALL the people and then finally finds some dogs to play with. I think she might like the people more than the dogs! :)

She found a friend to play tug-of-war with, which was so cute.


She found a frisbee, which is one of her favorite kinds of toys:



She had so much fun and got so tired. She cuddled with me all Saturday night while I watched Pride & Prejudice (the good one!) with a friend. I love when she's so tired and sweet and not hyper! We're still waiting for the English Bulldog in her to overtake the Boston Terrier in her so she'll be lazy and sweet and cuddly ALL the time. :) 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our new nightstands

I'll be honest - I totally staged this nightstand in order to show it off. This is Andy's side of the bed and he normally has a huge alarm clock and some framed photos and deodorant on his night stand. I wanted the photos to be slightly prettier than that, so I scavenged around the house in order to stage the bedside table. :)



I got the white lamp and its match at the Goodwill Outlet years ago on one of my first trips there! The teal tray is from Target (right now in the holiday section), and the wooden box on the shelf is a box that Andy's grandfather made that now holds some keepsakes.

I love our smaller, more streamlined nightstands!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New-to-us Nightstands!

Years ago, my former roommate and I were on Find & Design, a home makeover show on A&E. They filmed a whole season in Nashville and I heard from a friend they were casting so I sent an email, they did a phone screen, then sent someone to interview us, and we were booked!

The room in our house that is currently Andy's office used to be the guestroom and before that it was a sort of spare room for all my and my roommate's random post-college stuff that we didn't know what to do with. Our first apartment in Nashville had room for 2 couches and a chair & a half but when I bought the house and she moved with me, the new living room only had room for 1 couch and the chair. The second couch went to the spare room along with a rickety bookshelf and assorted floor lamps we were no longer using.

The room was a perfect candidate to be made over. At the time, my style was heavily influenced by pottery barn and anything shabby chic. I told the host that I wanted a second living room that could double as a guest room but mostly function as an overflow living-room-area when we had parties. That morphed into her designing us a "shabby chic party pad."

Over the years, my style has evolved and I have been getting rid of the various items they bought for me. (A shame, huh? A room full of free stuff that I quickly grew out of... A total bummer.) They brought in apothecary-style nightstands for the room and when Andy moved in after we were married, they worked pretty well as bedside tables for us. I didn't LOVE them but they worked well and held a lot.


I subscribe to my Craigslist searches and a few weeks ago I saw a posting for a pair of mid-century nightstands for $35 each. I spoke to the seller on my way to Louisville and he graciously agreed to hold them until I got back to town the next afternoon. He was so nice!

When I saw them in person, I knew they were perfect replacements! Out with the shabby, in with the Danish!


I found beautiful teal pearlized trays at Target (in the Christmas section) that fit PERFECTLY and cover up the white painted top of the nightstands. I feel like it makes our room look infinitely more decorated, even though it's really not decorated.... We have two things on the wall - a tiny bird painting I got at the Brooklyn Flea and a TV. Eek. :)

But, I am feeling majorly inspired to decorate lately so I'm trying to be better about it and commit to buying things. I'm so frugal that it's hard for me to actually commit to buying something new or big for the house. I'm so glad I found a great deal on these tables!

Tomorrow - shots of them set up!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Merry in Berry Hill Wrap-Up


Making Merry in Berry Hill was so fun! I saw lots of friends, met Mod FruGal (yay!), and even met one of my new neighbors who moved in 2 houses down! She and her mom were my first customers and picked up some really fun things.


The weather was amazing - it was about 72 degrees all day! The bright sun made it hard to get good photos, though.

Fun fact: Martina McBride was there! She walked past my booth and something caught her eye - she stopped and poked her head in to look closer at something but then kept walking... Shoot! :) 


I grabbed some things from my booth to take up there but I had a ton of stock at home that I had bought recently. I also took some handmade items like my button rings (in the cigar box above) and my mini-books. I didn't sell any rings but I sold two mini-books and a little collage I had made - it's so validating to sell something you make when you don't really consider yourself a "maker." (When I told my co-workers I was doing a craft fair, they all asked what I make. I said, "Nothing!" and they all laughed that I was doing a craft fair when I don't make things. What I meant was that I don't really consistently make things - I get whims, make tons of something, then move on... which is why I have like 40 button rings and 15 mini-books! Ha!) 

Love when friends shop Owl Really! Kellie bought some cute shirts for her adorable daughter Isla and Melodie picked up my faaaavorite deer salt and pepper shakers!


One of the highlights of the day was seeing Leslie and Shawn. They are adopting from China and very recently got matched with their daughter and had just received new photos of her. She is so beautiful and they will get to bring her home next spring. I sent them home with 3 cute dresses for the future! Check out these happy faces and their sweet girl's photo on Leslie's phone!


AH! So cute and I'm so happy for them. Have I mentioned I love adoption??!?!?! I do. A lot.

It was a great day!! I hadn't done a festival or fair in 2 years but I think I might have to make Making Merry an annual event!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Merry in Berry Hill

making merry

Making Merry in Berry Hill - 11/13/10
fun fact: Andy proposed the very next day! :)

Come see me at Making Merry In Berry Hill tomorrow from 9-6! I will be set up selling all day at the festival. Come shop! :) Click here for more info!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Booth Updates In General

Yesterday I showed the new Christmas items in my booth - but here's the booth in general. I updated a few things and moved some things around while I was stocking Christmas.


It's packed! I probably should take a few things out just so that it doesn't look like it's overflowing!




Come shop this season! :) Tennessee Antique Mall (654 Wedgewood Avenue, Nashville, TN).

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmastime Is Here! (In my booth!)

I spent 3 hours on Saturday stocking the booth for Christmas. It was a huge undertaking!


I re-did the entire left wall with Christmas items! Last year, I didn't have much Christmas so I made sure to buy throughout the entire year so I would be well-stocked this season.


I added some thrifted garland to the front of the shelves. It felt a little overwhelming, but a few people said they liked it, so I'm going with it. :)


I have no idea how Christmas will sell, but I hope that it does well! I'd hate to pack it all back up and hold onto it for another year.






I didn't see Christmas in anyone else's booth yet... I hope I didn't jump the gun!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You know you sell vintage when...

You know you sell vintage when...

Your house often is in complete disarray...and you have random chairs hanging out in your living room for a few days...


And stuff all over the dining room table...

dining room

And Christmas EVERYWHERE on November 1!

christmas ornaments table

Ay yay yay! It's been a revolving door of vintage around here lately as I prepared to stock my booth for Christmas and get ready for a festival this weekend. More on both of those later this week!!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Scenes From Last Week

I got pretty behind on importing photos but I wanted to be sure to share these, so they're a tad late. :)

I realized I forgot to post what my little lady jack-o-lantern looked like lit up!


Did I ever mention here that I bought cast iron at an estate sale? I put it on instagram but shared that I was a little nervous about it. It just seems like there are so many rules! I washed it down with apple cider vinegar and coarse salt to try to wipe it clean before seasoning it myself. Since it was secondhand, I wanted to clean it a bit before using it. I seasoned it with Crisco then put it in the oven at 500 degrees for an hour (turned upside down with foil underneath to catch the drippings) and then I cooked a few strips of bacon and used the grease for corn bread!

It turned out well and everyone gobbled it up at our chili/pumpkin/football get together last weekend!


I feel like a true southern lady now that I have cast iron. :)

With the cold weather recently, we could tell that Lucy was getting a little chilly. Soooo, she got a sweater! I love to put it on her and she's actually really good about wearing it! Here she was last weekend:


We went to celebrate Ollie's first Halloween and he was decked out in his skeleton onesie with a cute "first Halloween" bib.


So cute!! Such a happy baby! Andy made him giggle SO hard - I had no idea 3-4 month olds could laugh like that!!


It was a pretty fantastic October!! This week, I'll show you Christmas in my booth! I KNOW, I KNOW. Everyone is putting Christmas out so early and I'm one of them... but I didn't have any other weekend, really! Stay tuned. :)

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