Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vintage Planters + Succulents

In my 30 Before Thirty list, I wrote that I wanted to get and keep alive more plants. I have one small houseplant that Emily gave me awhile back and our house doesn't get much sun, so it hasn't grown very much. I had potted succulents left over from our wedding but I can't keep them alive, for some reason. They're not the thick, dessert kind of succulent, they're more like a plant than a cactus... and I just can't keep them alive!

I bought some cute vintage planters from my friend Valerie and was inspired by the cute terrariums and succulent gardens I've seen all over online. I bought the thick, dessert kind of succulent and gravel and cactus soil.

I first put down a thin layer of gravel, then cactus soil, then tried to carefully plant the various plants and then covered it in gravel.

I really don't know what I'm doing, but I've read up on succulents and this seems to be the right thing to do! There's only one area in our house that gets good sunlight, so they're all crammed in near the kitchen sink! Hopefully they'll stay alive!

If they do, I'm going to find more vintage planters and plant more in cute arrangements with small woodland creatures (notice the squirrel?) or army men (by Andy's request) and then try to sell them!

Do you think people would buy them? They buy terarriums... how about little planters? :)

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

Oh, goodness. I have mentioned before I love vintage ceramics but let me just reiterate it - I love vintage ceramics! I like to imagine little old ladies sitting around gabbing and making them together then toting them home proudly to their families. It seems so fun!

At a yard sale over the summer, I found a vintage ceramic, light-up Christmas tree and was so delighted to snatch it up for only $2. The top was broken off, but I glued it back on. You can see where the paint has been chipped away, but I think it adds character to it! This Christmas tree has seen MANY Christmases!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is time to decorate for Christmas! But, I must confess that I set this tree up the day before Thanksgiving. I worked from home and wanted some ambiance!

I love it! I almost put it in my booth but really couldn't bear to part with it. I do have a GORGEOUS white ceramic tree with all blue lights in my booth, but it does not have a lighting element under it so it wasn't as immediately ready to be displayed. And it seems a tad fancy for our house. I love the kitschy-ness of this tree. I am in love!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! (Plus! The D*S winner!)

I hope everyone has a joyful Thanksgiving! I am back home in Louisville having Thanksgiving with my parents and husband (!) and flying out tomorrow to attend (and coordinate, yippee!) my dear friend Janelle's beach wedding in Florida!

I promised to announce the winner of the Design*Sponge At Home giveaway and it is... drumroll please.... Lona! Lona was one of my close friends in middle school and we have reconnected through the power of Facebook! Isn't that fun? Congrats, Lona!

Also, I said I would show my finished napkins. They're not that great! I didn't paint them very well, but oh well!

Have a great holiday!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Favorite Finds: Meagan's Chest of Drawers

Today's Favorite Find comes from Meagan of Spunky Chateau. Meagan and I connected over her weekly link party and found out we have a lot of "places" in common. Meagan currently lives outside of Louisville, where I grew up, and has family in Atlanta and drives through Nashville often and stops and shops! And I am often in Atlanta for work! We bonded over giving each other tips on where to shop! :) Check out Meagan's blog to see all the great clothes and accessories she thrifts!

Below, Meagan shares her favorite find!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is a 1940s waterfall chest of drawers. I found it at a local Goodwill
last fall.

Had you been looking for a new chest of drawers or did you have to make room for it?

After starting my blog, I started to notice that I was experiencing a bit of an overflow of clothes from my closet and was looking for another storage option. I searched a local Goodwill one day and didn't see anything. Then, just when I was leaving, I spied one of the vintage glass handles on the drawers peeking out from behind another piece of furniture. I pushed it aside and knew without a doubt the chest of drawers was coming home with me.

Why do you love buying secondhand?

I love buying secondhand for so many reasons! First, I love buying unique things that no one else has. I'm also a bit of a history nerd so I love history and stories that secondhand items have.

What else should we know about your love of thrifting? :)

I've been thrifting for most of my life. It's something I feel really strongly about. If you take the time to look, and use your imagination, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities for yourself and your style. I think that seeing people use thrifted items is so inspiring and every Thursday I host a link up on my blog where people can show off their thrifted finds. I never fail to be amazed at what people discover!

Thank you for sharing, Meagan! If you have a favorite find, email me!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Vintage Dress Collection

I have a one-track mind lately! I am obsessed with vintage dresses (in case you hadn't picked up on that! ha!). I also have been playing around more and more in photoshop and with photography. Blogging is a great outlet to practice and play around and be creative!

I recently photographed the vintage dresses I own. Here they are in all their splendor! :)

Thanks for indulging me as I obsess and play around with photoshop!

Oh, and there's also the navy blue bird dress! And I just received my new-to-me black dress with a white sailboat print. I wore it recently to the Design*Sponge event in Nashville! Oh, don't forget to enter to win an autographed copy of Design*Sponge At Home!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Get Cozy: An Etsy Treasury

I recently started making Etsy treasuries and I'm hooked! Here is my first treasury: Get Cozy! The temperatures are dropping and it's time to get cozy! Here are handpicked items to suit your autumn fancies. Click the image below to view the treasury and purchase items!

Special note: check out the warming table. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Have you made any treasuries? Leave the links, I would love to browse them!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't miss these 2 great giveaways!

Happy Saturday! I don't normally blog on Saturdays but I'm hopping in to remind everyone about 2 great giveaways going on right now!
I hope you're having a great weekend. We have been back home in Louisville for my great-aunt's funeral but it has been a really sweet time with family. I am so thankful for them!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fun: Chevrolet: 1965 Impala and Bewitched Commercials

We recently saw this Chevy commercial in which a son tracks down his father's 1965 Chevy that he was forced to sell decades ago. I am not a car person, but I'm definitely sentimental, so this made me cry!

When I was trying to find it on YouTube, I found a wealth of vintage Chevy commercials that I just had to share!

Watching Mad Men has piqued my interest in vintage advertising, especially TV commercials. It's so interesting to see how the advertising industry had to change and develop in order to keep up with the new technology. I have always been interested in clever commercials and marketing ideas and I find these cross-promotions between Bewitched and Chevy so interesting!

Here's the first season opener - they announce that the show is sponsored by Chevrolet and Samantha's broom turns into a Chevy logo!

Here's a compilation of 3 different commercials featuring Bewitched castmembers- the last 2 are adorable!

I love vintage shows. I recently watched almost every episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix (they recently took it off instant streaming, unfortunately!) and I've also always liked Bewitched. (Fun fact: the owner of my company is the son of Bewitched's executive producer!)

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me. :) Sometimes, it's hard to believe that I was born in 1982 and that I didn't grow up in the 60s! I feel so connected to them!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Design Sponge in Nashville + Enter To Win The Design*Sponge Book!

I was sooo excited when Design*Sponge announced that Nashville would be a stop on their book tour! I signed up right away when registrations opened and got in early for the craft workshop!

I ran into Melodie as I was walking in and we sat at an empty table and were soon joined by really nice women! It was so fun to be meet others and know that we are all united by our love of Design*Sponge!

Grace introduced herself and Amy, they walked us through our project (freezer paper stencils, one of the DIY projects from the book), and then mixed and mingled as we all worked on our designs. It was a little stressful because I felt so much pressure to make something super amazing since I was among so many design-loving gals. I cracked and did something simple - my new initial, Y.

Grace walked around and spent some time at our table. We chatted with her and she signed our books. I had an extra book and I asked her to sign it to give it away on Owl Really!

That's right! You can enter to win an autographed copy of Design*Sponge at Home on Owl Really!

There are 3 ways to enter:

  1. Mandatory entry: follow Owl Really through Google Friend Connect or subscribe to the RSS feed. Leave a comment saying you're a follower.
  2. Bonus entry: Tweet "Enter to win Design*Sponge At Home from @owlreally! http://bit.ly/upQxfb" and leave a comment with the link to your tweet.
  3. Second bonus entry: Blog the contest with a link and leave a comment with your blog post URL.
Three total possible entries - make sure you leave a separate comment for each one! US residents only, giveaway closes at noon Wednesday November 23rd and the winner will be announced on Thanksgiving! I'll also post a photo of my completed napkins that day. :)

Good luck!!

Thanks so much to Design*Sponge, Grace, and the whole team for bringing us so much inspiration every day!!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorite Finds: Kimberly's Frye Boots

Today's Favorite Find comes from my friend Kimberly, who recently opened an Etsy shop called the Hula Hooping Bride to sell homemade candles and lightbulb vases! (How fun!) Check out her shop and read about her favorite find below!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

I honestly have several "favorite finds," but one that I am pretty proud of is a pair of Frye boots. I was walking around Southern Thrift just browsing, and saw them sitting there. Not even aware of the brand or anything, I kinda stopped breathing. I was NOT searching for boots. But every girl NEEDS a staple pair of boots. There were so many questions... What brand? What size? How USED were they? And of course, what price?

Picking them up I could see they were in my budget, only $5.99! And they were Frye so I knew they were worth way more brand new. I tried them on right away; I was thankfully wearing socks as used shoes can be kinda...gross. Size 8! Perfect fit, just a little too snug around the calf, but evidently I have huge calves compared to other people.

What kind of condition were they in?

You can tell they have been "gently worn" but mainly on the soles and not the actual leather.

What are they worth?

Brand new: $488. I totally saved over $480!

How do the boots make you feel when you wear them?

Whenever I wear them (which is totally not often enough) or look at them sitting in my closet (this is more often the case), I totally think back to that fateful day. I did not have some crush for expensive boots, and then have to save up months worth of spending money. Rather, I think about how I totally lucked out and saved.

Personally, I love wearing runway names, but just do not have the budget. And they pair (get it...pair?) quite nicely with a vintage Dior belt that my mom bought when she was younger, and an Oscar de la Renta scarf that I found at the same Southern Thrift. Man! I need to bust this outfit out for a night on the town, where is my husband?

Tell us about your thrifting history/habits. Are you an avid or casual thrifter? How do you feel about thrifting?

As far as my thrifting history, I would say that I have always been a thrifter-vintage shopper-antique finder-bargain huntress. Some things are totally worth saving up for and buying brand new. You have to treat yourself to a few splurges in life. But if you can save money and have a little fun in the process, why not? Most of the time, no one knows you did not pay full retail price, unless you spill the beans because you are so filled with a sense of accomplishment which is generally what happens.

Kimberly, those boots are killer! Thank you for contributing to Favorite Finds! Do you have a favorite find? Email me or let me know below in the comments!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New-To-Me: Navy Dress from Adelaide's Homesewn

I blogged a bit ago about buying this navy dress from Adelaide's Homesewn. I was smitten with the dress and when it arrived (4 days later, packaged in a handsewn bag! thank you for sweet & quick shipping!) I was delighted. I wore it to a wedding recently and was so happy with my purchase.

Love it! I paired it with a brown belt, gray tights, my brown boots, and a white cardigan. I love mixing neutrals!

Oh, I also got a haircut and my color refreshed! If you're in Nashville and need your hair done, call Lauren at Fierce Salon! She's amazing! Here are quick, cheesy bathroom shots - the light in our bathroom REALLY enhances the red - it's not that bright, plus it has faded (as red sadly does!).

I feel so much more like myself when I have fresh hair!! :)

What's been making you feel like yourself lately? Have you had any great etsy purchases? Share in the comments! :)

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Thrift Report: Orange Edition!

I thrift all the time, but I hadn't thrifted on a mission lately. Since I went so overboard back home in Louisville in October, I didn't visit many estate sales in October or shop for my booth very much. Now that it's November, I really need to get back into the swing of things and get some new inventory for my booth! I woke up early early this week and headed to estate sales before work!

Here's what I found!

I love vintage crewel work and was happy to find some really fun pieces lately! I also have been thinking about planting more succulents in cute vintage planters and selling them, so I picked up some planters. (More on succulent planting really soon!)

I picked up an awesome Vogue Sewing Book from 1970, some great vintage glasses, a Bambi book, a little "I love you mom" plaque, a really creepy Christmas elf, a gold clutch, an apron, an afghan, and an awesome chalkboard.

I'm not really big on orange, but almost everything I picked up recently has an orange tone to it! Interesting!

What have YOU found lately? :)

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Owl Really Giveaway on Tiny Boot

My neighbor Robyn runs a really great etsy shop and blog called Tiny Boot. Every month, Robyn gives away a prize on her blog and this month, you can enter to win from Owl Really!

I am delighted to give away a really fun navy clutch - it's super snazzy and perfect for the upcoming holiday season! And as we know, navy blue has become one of my favorite colors apparently!

Click on over to enter to win!

Check out Tiny Boot and enjoy 20% off your purchase with promo code ILOVEOWLREALLY through Monday, November 21 when the winner will be announced. Below are some of my favorite items from her shop! Happy shopping! :)

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Challenge: A Week Without My Jean Jacket

This is definitely not a fashion blog because I am definitely not a fashionista, but I love dresses. I wear a dress 99% of the time. Last year, my co-worker asked me if I got a haircut because he knew something was different and then he realized that I was wearing jeans, and that's what was so different about me that day. I love dresses. Love them!

I have a mix of vintage and new (mostly from my favorite store, Ross!!) and although I don't wear jeans, I definitely wear my jean jacket like other people wear jeans. I grab any dress and throw on my jean jacket and run out the door.

I felt like I was relying TOO much on my jean jacket and wanted to challenge myself to a week without it. Surprisingly, I didn't miss it and I really liked the challenge of trying to come up with actual outfits rather than dress + jacket. Here are a few poor quality, cheesy photos of what I wore when I wasn't allowing myself to wear my jacket! As you can see, I traded in the jacket for cardigans but a girl's gotta stay warm!

I really, really had fun mixing black + brown + gray +white. I feel fearless now when it comes to mixing those because I took a risk, mixed them, and loved it. Probably my favorite combination is gray tights/leggings with my brown cowboy boots. I love the way it looks! Plus, I am kinda addicted to my brown cowboy boots.

Has the change in weather inspired you or stumped you when it comes to picking out clothes every day? I was definitely in a rut but after successfully completing my challenge, I feel inspired again. Are you in a rut? How do you overcome it? Are there any "fashion challenges" you could take to jumpstart your ensemble inspiration? Let me know in the comments!!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Favorite Finds: Bethany's Vintage Scarf Turned Pillow

I knew Bethany and her husband Adam through mutual friends and then they moved to a house just 2 streets over from mine! When Bethany hosted a bridal shower for our friend and I visited their house, I fell in love with their style! Their artful wall of "H"s (their last initial) inspired me to collect "Y"s! Bethany has such great taste - be sure to follow her on Pinterest!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is a vintage scarf. I found it at the Canton, TX Flea Markets. There is a booth that has piles and piles of vintage textiles. You can find clothes, tablecloths, and many other fabric gems. I loaded up on tons of vintage scarves for $1 each!

Did you know right away that you would repurpose it or did you buy it intending to wear it as a scarf?

When I bought the scarves, I knew I would repurpose some of them. I had ideas of pillows, shirts, and curtains. I do wear a few of them as scarves.

Was it difficult to sew?

It was pretty simple to sew. I didn't follow a tutorial. I had some gray fabric left over from curtains. Using the scarf as my pattern, I cut out a square the size of the scarf. After a few minutes at the sewing machine, I had a decorative pillow case on my hands.

Where does it "live" now in your house?

My vintage scarf pillow serves as a focal point in my living room. It lives propped in the corner of our sofa. It has made plenty of backs and heads comfortable. I love that my favorite find is functional as well as beautiful.

Do you and Adam share the same taste in decorating? If not, how do you balance that?

Adam and I both have a love for unique, vintage, and repurposed items. He helped me choose which scarf would become a pillow in our living room. The differences of opinions have definitely come our way. We usually hash it out, sharing our viewpoints. Most of the time we can arrive at a compromise. However, he wins some and loses some.

Thank you for sharing, Bethany!

If you have a favorite find you'd like featured, don't be shy! Email me!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Bought: Novelty Sailboat Dress

Just bought: Novelty Sailboat Print Dress.

The print is not my typical style, but I couldn't get it off my mind! I favorited it and then looked at the listing once a day. (I tend to fall on the obsessive side!) I started following the shop-owner's blog and she posted a coupon code, so I decided to go ahead and buy it before someone bought it out from under me!

Check out Bloom Bandit on Etsy- just don't buy the other dresses of hers I have favorited! :)

Stay tuned for more on vintage dresses + Owl Really. I have a one-track mind these days!!!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrifty Finds - Monday, November 7

I have had some great luck thrifting around Nashville lately!

First up: this beautiful navy blue dress I just got at Goodwill. It is the same style as the pink and yellow dresses I found recently at another thrift store! (The pink dress I am keeping, I wore it as my Halloween costume, and the yellow one I will be selling - more on that soon!)

I saw this dress on the rack at Goodwill and couldn't believe it was the exact same style and was my size! So excited! I love finding "granny" dresses and updating them - most times it only takes tights, a belt, and cute boots!

There's a new-ish thrift store that I have decided to visit every Friday. Last Friday, I found a few awesome things!

I am a total sucker for 70s/80s era ceramics. I love them. I wish that ceramics were still popular! Paint your own pottery is ok, but it doesn't hold a candle to the variety that vintage ceramics classes offered! Check out the horse head below! He's definitely going in my booth - I am considering spray painting him white. What do you think? Leave him as-is or give him a fresh coat of paint? (Keep in mind, the weather is not conducive to spray painting lately!)

I also found a small globe - TOO cute. I haven't done my research to find out how old it is yet, but I am loving its petite size. It might actually get a coat of chalkboard paint - I successfully sold a chalk globe a few months ago!

And then... and then!!! I found a Nashville puzzle. From 1978! It is a really fun illustration of the city and its landmarks. I bought it not knowing if all the pieces were there but hoping that they were. I brought it home on Friday after work and showed it to Andy and before I knew it, he was opening it and laying the pieces out on the table! We got right away to work (we are officially old and married! doing a puzzle on a friday night!) and by some miracle, all the pieces were there!! We were SO delighted. Andy is from here and is very proud of Nashville and since I've lived here for 7 years, the city is very dear to me as well. If it were a photo puzzle of the current skyline, we wouldn't have been excited about it.. but this illustration is SO cool and it features the amusement park Opryland USA (rest in peace, dear opryland!), Andy's beloved summer pastime that was torn down to build an outlet mall. sigh.

Anyway, we love it and went to Michael's first thing Saturday morning to get a frame for it. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it! I have so many things to hang and I'm so indecisive on where to hang them. Thank goodness for 3m command strips!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Thirty Before 30: Update 2

I am trying to power through my Thirty Before 30 list! November 29 will be my "half birthday" so that means I have 7 months left in my challenge. Below, I am bolding the ones that are in progress.


1. Buy a new couch
2. Get the attic (craft space & guest room) organized - working on this right now, since we'll have guests staying November 5!
3. Change up dining room wall decor - halfway there - did 2 of the 3 walls!
4. Redecorate above the couch - working on this! I have too many art pieces that are close in size - I need to find some variations.
5. Get shelves for living room and redecorate the inside the door space
6. Hang the "Y"s I've been collecting
7. Get (and keep alive) more plants
8. Go through my old CDs and figure out what to keep/import/sell/etc
9. Get a canvas print of the "Believe" sign at the church where we were married
10. Organize garage


1. Get our wedding photo booth photos printed for our guestbook - even put them in the photo album! woo!
2. Finish wedding thank you notes - SO close
3. Be more intentional in my friendships - this one is hard to quantify, so I'm leaving it up here as a reminder to initiate hanging out with friends! Lately I have been ok with it!
5. Get our wedding featured on a wedding blog - Thank you Ashley's Bride Guide!
6. Make a meal plan/menu with Andy
7. Learn how to arrange flowers properly
9. Edit a video of our honeymoon roadtrip
10. Watch all the seasons of Mad Men - we are almost to season 3!
11. Take a trip with Andy - Seattle!
12. See a play/musical - We saw our friend Jason in The Complete Works of Shakespeare!
13. Ride our bikes this fall and next spring


1. Put an item on consignment in a local vintage shop
2. Succeed with booth at TN Antique Mall - This is also hard to quantify, what is "success" really? It's going well and growing!
3. Go to an auction
4. Make postcards for my business to leave at the booth - Accomplished!
5. Do a fabric bouquet tutorial on my blog
6. Grow my blog to 75 followers and 75 subscribers - over 100 in subscribers, 70 followers!
7. Do another flea market (maybe even organize one?) - I regret this one - since I opened my booth, I don't have the inventory to set up at another flea market.

So, all in all, I feel pretty ok about the list! Have you set any goals or made any lists recently??

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Decorating: Flower Arranging

One of my Thirty Before 30 goals was to learn how to arrange flowers. I haven't learned just yet - I would love to take a class in person. I d0 have a vintage flower arranging book (Better Homes & Gardens: Flower Arranging, 1957) and the new Design*Sponge book has a section on flower arranging, but I'm not there yet. I think I would learn better through hands-on experience, so I'm still on the hunt for a class to take.

In the meantime, here is a 2 page spread on arranging for autumn! You can click the images to see them much larger on flickr.

Personally, I love the last image with the teal tablecloth, yellow flowers, and mod plates!

Do you know how to arrange flowers? Where did you learn? Do you know of any great resources for simple arranging?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Favorite Finds: Melodie's Bamboo Bar

Today's Favorite Find comes from Melodie of Pink Cupcake Vintage! We met years ago when I worked with her husband and would run into them occasionally at antique shops. (They helped me decide to buy my first record player years ago at the Tennessee Antique Mall, in fact!)

Throughout the years, I have loved following their adventures (especially Tin Can Treats, their mobile ice cream shop!) and I am pleased to bring you Melodie's Favorite Find.

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is a white lacquer bamboo bar cabinet that I found for $50.00. If I remember correctly, the hubs and I were killing time in Franklin, so I popped into the Harpeth Antique Mall off 96. I was immediately taken with it since it had 3 of my favorite things. 1) bamboo 2) high gloss white lacquer 3) gold hardware.

Do you do the majority of the decorating in your home?

I would say I do most of the decorating in our home, but Matty definitely weighs in on everything! If it were up to me alone, my house would be even more girly than it is. Matty is such a trooper and is so great about letting me do what I want, that when he makes a special request I make sure I find a way to include it.

You're an avid thrifter, do you have any advice for those who love to thrift?

My advice is buy what you love...even if it takes years for you to find it!

Thanks so much for contributing, Melodie!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Couch Coveting

I've had my eye on the Corona sofa at Macy's for quite awhile now but I've also looked around at some other vintage-inspired couches. Here's a round-up of some of my favorites I've found.

First, the Corona sofa, then the others. Click through to learn more about each sofa!

What do you think? Do you have any favorites? Do you own a vintage or vintage-inspired sofa? If you have found one other than those posted, where did you find it? I am eager to tuck more away for the future. :)